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I was listening to the latest episode of the Cryptomaniacs Podcast and it was a Friday show, which usually means the guys are answering questions from the audience. One of the questions was a request for a recommendation on a good book about blockchain.

Jon recommended a couple - that I added to my list because I'm a huge bookworm - but then Task raised an interesting point. He said that Hive holds a vast amount of knowledge on various topics on blockchain and crypto universe and that knowledge base is growing daily.

He also said - and I agree - that one of the problems with books is that they can get dated pretty quickly, especially if they are about an early-stage, fast-paced subject such as blockchain and crypto. That is another reason why Hive is such a great source of knowledge for crypto enthusiasts. Sure, a post can get outdated just the same as a book, but the Hive community can add new knowledge almost in real time which is something that traditional book publishers simply can't do.

Now, this is not a rant on crypto book, or any kind of book for that matter. As I stated above, I'm a bookworm and I love reading! I think you can still learn valuable things from books, even when to crypto and blockchain because some of the core concepts of these technologies are immutable or, at least, will remain the same for many, many years.

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