Crypto Brewmaster Free Giveaway Daily - Round 3

The 3th draw is already underway. Today the Card of the day is Keg Washer.

From now on the draw will be daily. I will give the winner in each draw and you can participate in the comments.

Today's winner is @subidu

This is my Cryptobrewmaster Card giveaway. A new game that unites two of the things that I like the most, Nfts and good beer.

I have seen that there are some raffles of its native currency, the CBM, but not of its magnificent Nfts, of which there are not many on the market. So I'm going to try to see if people are encouraged to trade, use and sell their Nfts.

Cryptobrewmater is a simulation game to brew the best beers you've ever tasted. It is a free game although you can invest in it if you want to advance faster or improve your recipes.

You can also participate in my raffles and get some free Cards.

The award:
A common Card
A 100% vote to the first participant of each draw
I will give LOLZ to the participants

The rules:
Simple, just leave a comment saying you want to participate

It is appreciated:
Any advice for improvement.

Card raffled today:


Participants in previous contests:

@blitzzzz @luizeba @amaillo @dubble @siramadeus @subidu

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