WE86 post Topic: How do you feel you would cope with the loss of vision?

One getting blind within a second is going to be very dramatic as it will be as though one is dreaming or sleeping or something happened and everywhere became dark.

The emotions and physical aspect of ones life will be affected greatly. Let's take this scenario for example, probably while we were eating at night in our home and the power suppliers known as NEPA in my locality decides to interrupt the power supply, immediately the power goes off everywhere becomes dark and within us we are always angry or fuming due to the power shortage, when one then decides to move around to put on a Torchlight or something to create light and we stumble upon things it makes us more angry and frustrated this is just the way it is when one who can see few minutes ago becomes blind the following minute. It will pose a big threat and situation to the life of that person.

The fact is light can't be underrated in our everyday life and the eyes is one of the list important sense organ a man has, those who were blind from birth or when they were very young would have adapted to it and known that is the way of their life but one who has grown and suddenly becomes blind it isn't going to be easy as there will be some physical and emotional breakdown which I will be listing some of them below.

Vision loss which is the sudden blindness can affect many aspects of one's health, including ones physical health, emotions and It can also have negative effects on one's mental health. This most times leads to anxiety or depression which will be higher in younger people than adults and this is due to the fact that one had not lived that kind of life before and hasn't developed how to live their life that way or how to cope and manage themselves with the new development.

Some.of the signs one might feel due to this new development are Trouble focusing on one's sleeping state Feeling irritable or restless Feeling worthless or helpless Activities that are out of the ordinary Feeling stuck in a negative state of mind and many more

Here are some challenges one will face or miss out from the world;


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Through the various visual indicators that we see in our environment, we can easily get a sense of what's happening around us. For instance, timetables, signs, and billboards are some of the ways we see information.

Unfortunately, most of the information that the visually impaired and blind people need is often inaccessible and this is one thing such Person will always think about.

There are some people who are Overky helpful individuals and thus they make it evident to the person with vision loss that they are not independent but rather depends on other people to be able to do what they have been doing themselves before.

Sometimes, this behavior assumes that the blind or low vision person requires assistance. Although they may not be able to complete a regular task, they are still capable of doing it.

Most of the time, people with low vision or blindness are criticized for their incompetence or lack of independence. Instead, they are viewed as individuals who have no idea how hard it is to live with vision loss.

Even though people with visual impairment can't imagine their world without vision, they do have a happy and satisfying life. Being able to work is a different matter for people with visual impairment.

This negative portrayal of the visually impaired person undermines their emotional and economic independence. This new development makes them feel they would become jobless since there is no jobs that are set aside for people with this kind of condition.

The lack of accessible leisure activities is a common issue faced by people with low vision. This is also one of the reasons why many people with visual impairment choose to stay institutionalized. In addition, many of the published materials on the Internet are not accessible to people with low vision or blindness.

This is, in part, due to the new generation of websites that cater to the young generation but ignore the visually impaired.
It's also not surprising that many people with visual impairment live in isolation. Due to their lack of leisure activities, many of them often feel like they're living in isolation.

Aside from social isolation, other factors such as the lack of support and resources are also contributing to the isolation of people with low vision. This is because they are not considered equal members of the community.

This are some of the things that would be missed out by an individual with sudden visual loss


Learn how to manage various tasks and routines that are different from what people usually do following vision loss through adjustment classes.While these classes help individuals develop motor and mobility skills, they also teach them patience and confidence.

There are various low vision aids available that can help people with vision loss such as Telescopic glasses, Lenses that filter light, Magnifying glasses, Hand magnifiers, Closed-circuit television, Reading prisms.

Aside from reading text, non-optical aids can also help people keep up with modern technology by enabling them to access e-mails and other electronic information.

Some of these include computer software that can alter the appearance of screen images.

In my country Nigeria there is no special consideration for those that has vision loss, and thus there is no benefit for those that has vision loss.