Drama In An African Home-Part two

Mateus Souza

I was on the staircase at school and I was with Demi, my crush. He was twisting my hair in his hands and I was blushing like crazy. His round shaped face was so attractive and I was so happy I finally had the chance to talk to him after embarrassing myself the other day by eating puff puff so disgustingly in front of him.

On that fateful day, despite the fact that I bluntly refused to collect the puff puff, my friend,Deola, forced me and I just had to have it. Those who know puff puff know that it contains a lot of oil and while eating it, the oil was all over my face and almost immediately, Demi walked in, looked at me with disgust on the way I was eating, and walked out. It felt as if the ground should just open and I should enter it. But now, all those things were behind us and we were now on this staircase and his eyes shone for love at me. He was leaning in and I was leaning in also, are lips were about to join, I was so happ-

"Splash" cold water dripped on my fair and I immediately jumped up from my sleep. Oh so the whole Demi thing was all a dream?, I was about to start shouting at whosoever disturbed my sleep and when I opened my eyes, I was met with the raging face of my mother. I immediately zipped my mouth and fear took over me.

"You better get up from that place and go and get ready to go to the market" she hissed and walked out. I jumped out of bed and quickly rushed through my morning routines as I didn't want to anger her more. I guess she didn't get on the right foot with dad this morning and she has decided to vent her anger on me. After getting dressed, I took my purse and boarded a bike to the market.

As usual, the place was littered with all kinds of dirt. On one side of the road were beggars seeking alms, on the other side were cab men trying to get customers and without entering the market, I was already drained by all that was going on. I had to bargain on everything that I got because my mother would be asking for the prices and I wouldn't want her to believe I squandered her money when I could have bargained and gotten a better price.

After the draining day at the market, I quickly rushed back home and after several hours of just sitting at home doing nothing, I decided to go to the salon to get my haircut. I really needed a haircut after so many months of postponing it. It was the perfect time as my mother had gone to visit her friend and so I went to the barbing salon. It was so crowded and it took so long. I liked the haircut I got and I started my journey back home.

"Fine aunty, pretty queen"

As usual, the annoying boys on my street decided to call me.

"Favour, Princess, Patience, Ayo, Jade"

The guy in question started calling me different types of names so I would answer him but I just ignored him and continued my journey home. This particular guy in question continued to follow me and I was almost home. I didn't want him to follow me home and so I had to stop and I shouted at him.

"Can you stop following me?, Is it by force ni?"

Immediately, my mum drove past along with her best friend in the passenger seat. It was as if my life dropped before my eyes. I was doomed and I knew it. Stopping for a street boy was one thing my mother hated so much. Well most African parents did. They believed all the boys on the street had no future and dream.

I started crying almost immediately and the boy had the guts to ask me what was wrong.

"You see what you have caused?"

I ran back home so fast and on getting to the front of the house, I saw my mother at the door and she was impatiently waiting. Her best friend was there too and she was trying to calm her down.

"This is what you want to use your life for right?A useless street boy that has nothing to offer you, is that what you want for yourself?Answer me before I slap you!"

She barked out with so much anger in her voice. I was shaking as I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid her anger.

"Mummy, I was only trying to tell him to-"

"Would you shut up before I slap you?Did I ask you to talk while I was talking?"

"Grace calm down" her best friend tried calming her down once again but it was all fruitless.

She took her phone almost immediately and called my dad. I was crying so hard and Aunty Gloria, her best friend, was trying to calm me down but it was to no avail. After calling my dad, she called my aunty and almost all my family members to tell them to tell me that I was getting spoiled at a very young age.

"I did not get pregnant outside wedlock. You would not disgrace me, you this child. Look, if you get pregnant ehn, just get a cup and spoon and just know that you and that baby will drink all kinds of recipes for garri. Prepare oo! I've told you."

And with that, she went inside. Different drama in the house. My phone started ringing and different people were calling me. I started receiving different messages. Different dramas like this are bound to happen in an African home definitely.

I regretted having to stop to listen to that boy. Look how he had put me in trouble now. I was just waiting for what would happen to me.