Nothing Left.


Darina Belonogova

Blurry eyed, I came downstairs for breakfast only to see that the entire living room was empty. In Fact the whole house was empty. I was so shocked and I thought I was still dreaming so I rushed back upstairs to the bathroom to wash my face to clear away any sleep that was remaining. I rushed back downstairs and it remained the same, the house was empty. All our furnitures, gone. Our picture frames were also gone and even the kitchen was empty as well. The only conclusion I came to was that we were robbed.


I screamed into the empty house. Where could they have gone so early that we were robbed? I ran outside the house and our busy street was empty and void. I was scared, so scared. What must have happened. Has rapture taken place and I didn't make heaven?, I immediately fell on my knees and started praying. I couldn't stay in a world so lonely like this.

Tears started falling from my eyes. I've never felt so lonely my entire life. I started walking into different houses hoping I'll find someone but I didn't. I couldn't even walk the whole town as the town was so large and big. I went to the town's supermarket hoping I'll come across anyone but I did not even find a body.

I was thinking of how I would be living from now on when another round of tears started coming out from my eyes. I was still crying when I felt a tap on my shoulders and immediately, shock ran down my spine. I was so scared of what might happen and so, I let out a shrill scream.

"Resa you shout so loud"

I turned and saw the neighbor's daughter, Darcy standing five feet away from me. I immediately ran to her and hugged her so tight.

"Ewww…..what's with all the affection?" I and Darcy don't get along well so I could understand her irritation at me hugging her.

"You wouldn't understand Darcy, I thought j was the only one left in this world after rapture" come to think of it, maybe I was left here with Darcy on purpose. After all, we are always fighting and bickering and sometimes, we would play not so funny pranks on each other.

"What rubbish are you saying?".

"I'm not saying rubbish. Can't you see everyone is gone and we are the only one's left? I'm just glad you're with me even though you are the last person I would've wanted but at least you're something"

I said, shrugging my shoulders. Darcy started laughing so hard after I said this. I looked at her wondering why she was laughing. What was funny?. There was absolutely nothing funny about what I had said or had the rapture affected her brain. What is truly going on?.

"I knew you were stupid. But this level of stupidity is absolutely beyond me"and this is why I always pick fights with Darcy. She's so insultive and feels she's better than everyone else.

Maybe she's expecting me to have a comeback but I had nothing really because I was tired. Everyone has left me. Even though she's annoying, at least she's better than none.

"Wow, so you really think rapture took place?, Like how do you even think?, Your imaginations are too wild."

I'm confused now, what is she talking about?

"What I'm trying to say, Resa, is that there's no rapture. Everyone went to the town's square for the big sale. I mean, that should've been the first place you checked."

How could I have been so stupid to forget the big sale that my mum was always talking about. I even forgot to check the town's square, I must be looking very stupid in front of Darcy right now.

I quickly rushed down there and the amount of people I saw really amazed me. Maybe I didn't think a lot of people would turn up and that was why I was panicking about rapture taking place.

I saw my mum and quickly rushed over to her and hugged her. Everyone was looking at me so weirdly, they knew I wasn't one for affection so they were definitely shocked when they saw me hugging my mum for no particular reason.

I decided to join the sale to get some things for myself. I also learned the lesson of not jumping into conclusions.


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