Continue trending at the top of the swap (Binance)


Hi all Hive friends and Leo friends and especially for all of you cryptocurrency lovers today I will share a beautiful moment when we start trending on the top of the Binance swap,


I am a trader who works day-to-day, which is to become a trader on Binance's swap pan, when I keep a token and time goes on so that in the end I found a beautiful moment from one of the Tokens that I bought and sold at Swap Pancak.


I'm also monitoring a Graph on Dextoll

I have to keep sometimes a lot of Tokens and also sometimes I have to monitor a Token and have to Focus on that Token and in the end I found a satisfactory result which is called by the name Moment,


Well, Hive friends, that's all the stories that I can tell today, I hope they can be entertained and can also be useful for all of you, wherever you are,


Greetings and thanks to all my beloved friends on the Leofence platform and also on the Hive platform, greetings and thanks, see you next time,