This week's shopping and market assessment! 🛒🛍️🍍🍓🍌🥑🍋🌱

Today I went to the shopping center next to my house to buy some fruit. There is a big grocery store in the shopping center where I can easily find everything I am looking for. But lately, every time I come here, I notice that the labels have changed. It seems like every day there is an increase in all the products. It is not difficult to realize that people's purchasing power has decreased because in the past when I used to come here, people used to fill the carts and buy more and more of everything. Unfortunately this has changed recently! Now people read the labels for hours and leave the market without buying anything. I am sure you will understand what I mean when you see the prices of the products. I know that the purchasing power in other developed countries is very good. In our country, it was easier to reach some things about 10 years ago. It is very painful to see that our purchasing power is decreasing day by day. Especially people have difficulty in buying even the most basic needs such as fruits and vegetables.





For example, if you want to buy a small avocado, you have to pay about 6 hive coins. You need to pay the same amount for 125 grams of blueberries. These prices are too high in my country! For most people, these are luxuries that are unlikely to be bought at all. Including bananas and other fruits.





Every person has the right to a healthy diet! But what most people eat is just to fill up and that is not "eating"! Most people are just trying to fill up and it is a dream to eat fruit or other healthy things. The country I live in is very rich in agriculture. It saddens me that such a rich country has come to this situation. I want every person, every child and even every living being in the world to have at least equal rights in terms of nutrition. Every child should be able to eat fruit! I paid about 50 hive coins for this tiny bag you see below.



As I see the prices rising like this, I am thinking of buying a house with a garden and creating my own garden. Notice that I am not saying I will buy a house with a garden, I am saying I am thinking about it because buying a house with a garden here is beyond a very, very luxurious dream. But how would we live in this world if we didn't have dreams? I am still hopeful enough to dream... Maybe a miracle will happen and we will move to a house with a big garden with my dog and I will share with you from my own garden. Wish me luck! 🌱


Dear @dswigle how are you? I am happy to share my shopping this week with your beautiful community. Stay in love! #MarketFriday


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Thank you for your post, filled with honesty and angst. It horrifies me to see the entire world as it is now. Everything is the same here, the prices go up every week, without fail! I never worried too much about shopping. I had a budget and it worked well. Now, there is no budget. It is too ridiculous to try to say you will only spend so much. I am economizing in ways I never thought I would.

I can do it because I still have money to spend. What about the people here that don't? I volunteer at a food kitchen in town and I can tell you that I see more people coming in for meals than I have ever seen since I started volunteering! As sad as that fact is, I am glad that there is a place people can go.

I went to the store to get an avocado today. They went up again. It was too hard for me to want it, and then again, it was 15 HIVE! No way! This has gotten to be too much.

I am sorry your goods are that high too. A small bag like that - for all that money! That is sad! Thanks for being part of the challenge!

#MarketFriday began as a way to reach out across the globe and learn about different cultures through their markets, especially local markets and farmers' markets, and eventually branched out and evolved over time from straight shopping to a cultural affair as it highlights how we differ and then again, how much we are alike. We have become a melting pot of culture, but it is still the Rituals, Festivals, food, architecture, and even your language/languages that separate us... Along with the fact that these things are normal for us. There are unwritten rules that rule our social behaviors. I see this as allowing for increased tolerance between cultures and nations, and opportunities to come together on an even playing ground. A strong culture can be beneficial to a country as it promotes unity, especially during a crisis, peaceful debate, and open dialogue. I have learned so much about all of you and it has been an amazing experience. I can only hope that learning about each other can help us work together for a peaceful world. Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday

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I understand very well what you are going through. In my country, most of the people are living below the hunger limit. Due to the recent refugee migration, house rents and prices have reached unreachable points. Most people earn minimum wage and house rents are above minimum wage! There is a housing crisis right now.

To be honest, the housing crisis has affected me a lot. I was not prepared for this crisis and I am very undecided about what to do now. Between rents, taxes, food and bills, we now have a huge mountain in front of us. Such simple needs should not be so expensive! Shelter and food are the most basic and essential needs of our people and now we can't even do that.

Everyone is looking for additional work. To be honest, I used to produce content because I loved writing on and I enjoyed being here. Now, earning money has been added to this and now I even try to evaluate the coins coming from here. I hope our world will be fertile again and we will regain our old peace. The world is taking revenge on us because we didn't appreciate it. In fights, wars, greed and anger, we have never been thankful for what we have. 🙏🤍🌱