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It's quite peculiar that the attacks/criticism that we get is almost entirely either comes from scammers or those revolving around the @deepdives "community". Self-appointed, fake, wannabe "investigative journalists" who exploit the Hive ecosystem to perpetuate lies and dangerous disinformation such as qAnon, flat earth propaganda, NWO reptilian Illuminati, anti vaxxing, plandemic/5G, climate change denial, far-right extremism, homophobia, racism, etc.

I knew Q Anon was a psyop and some people like to entertain the idea that there is some secret hero trying to stop the govt from doing bad, hardly a bad thing to want. Wouldn't you want a secret hero to stop the govt from doing bad things, and want that secret hero to leak information? I wasn't taken in by Q but some were, only a few, not the majority in our tag.

I haven't seen more than 1 flat earther maybe in our tags, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

New World Order is a very real thing, unless you are denying that nations are centralizing power and banding together to become more centralized. Is that even controversial to point that out, why are you on Hive/using cryptocurrency which is pushing for decentralization if you won't recognize the NWO which is the centralization of the world that is happening at an alarming rate,surely you don't mean to imply governments are DECENTRALIZING?

I took the moderna vaccine both doses and I almost passed out from the 1st dose and I had heart inflammation requiring medical care from the 2nd one(my heart might be irreparably damaged for my entire life now, CDC putting out warnings about I assessed the risks to my health based on the information I knew at the time, had I have known what we now know about heart inflammation I might not have got the vaccine because I have heart issues in my family. Being informed on what you put into your body isn't a conspiracy, the conspiracy is they hid this information from us and used us as test subjects. The rate of reporting has been estimated to be somewhere around 50x to 100x less for actual events and the 1,200 cases of heart inflammation could be a lot higher. I did call my Dr. to see if I should get the 2nd dose and he advised to do it and I did. I am doing ok now at least, will see what my future holds. Nothing conspiratorial or irrational about anything I did.

There is various information pointing to wuhan as the outbreak origin and it just so happens there is a wuhan institute of virology right there(funny how that works and even Fauci said to investigate that recently),

It's not controversial that cell phones give off radiation, 5G is worse than 4G logically because it's more powerful There are studies out there saying don't put your cell phone in your pocket due to lowering sperm count

The climate changes all the time over long periods, and the major driver of climate change is the sun. The USA used to be just ice and now it isn't. Before that it was something else, etc. There were no humans or human activity that caused that to happen, massive amounts of ice were lost to no human fault.

I haven't seen far right extremism in the #informationwar or #deepdives tag almost at all and in fact I have seen a few terrorists who advocate Allah as the one true prophet and saying kill all westerners and have had to mute them, @ sweecee and a few others are pro killing westerners and violently describe how they want to

i've been to a lesbian wedding and have had multiple gay friends in my circles growing up and its a proven fact there are gay animals who are born that way(i had two guinea pigs and one was gay and kept humping the other one all the time)

we don't want racism in our community either. Discrimination(commonly interchangeably said as "Racism" today) is an inherent mechanism built into every human and is constantly conflated with racism(Critical Race Theory points this out and I assume you are a leftist and also have this view), to discriminate towards something is like how you are discriminating against us based on your own bias and unfounded beliefs against us, or like crossing the street when seeing a pit bull dog to get away, or to cross the street because you see a group of males(any race)at night because it could be dangerous, it's a mechanism that can serve and fool a person into thinking they are correct in their assessments. In order to get away from discrimination we have to take the emotion we might feel towards another out of the equation and get to know them(this can be a very difficult thing to do), of which I encourage you to do with getting to know people in our community. If someone is racist against X race and gets angry or lashes out at X race it is because of their emotional underdevelopment, lack of empathy, lack of understanding of another view point, psychopathy(4% of the world's humans are psychopaths), or raised to be that way, and the same can be said for discrimination.

The people reading your comments and my comments will see a stark contrast between myself(leader owner of @informationwar and am the co-leader of @deepdives(brought on recently)) and you who presumably are the owner or one of the people helping with hivewatchers.

I think I was pretty reasonable in my rebuttal.

They call themselves investigative journalists while all they do is posting the Karen/Kevin style of nonsense that they read on Facebook.
They do their "own research" (which basically means reading nonsense on Facebook or dubious conspiracy hypothesis articles and pseudoscience content)
Investigative journalism takes months and sometimes many years of work on the case. It applies principles of the scientific method in the investigation. It is scrutinous and almost always requires traveling and on-the-ground research and investigation. It is very detailed, time-consuming, and hardworking,
Deep Dives ridiculous nonsense has nothing to do with Investigative Journalism.
They actually often have no clue what the scientific method is and refuse to apply it, including applying it to their own thought process.

I have been on Hive for 4 years and have done a lot of research, probably close to 1 or 2 hours of research per day every day for 4 years. Is that enough for you? How much do you do? Do you do that much? Did you know bitcoin's dev team is owned by a big bank called axa ventures? I bet you didn't, and I bet you advocate people use bitcoin, that makes you the conspiracy theorist.