Best battling on my new legendary card using ...

Best battling on my new legendary card using ...

Uriel the Purifier.jpg

Assalamu alaikum how are you all of course you are all very good and healthy. After a long week, I came back with a post of a new battle. I don't really have much time for some work in the world. I could not share any other battle post or I did not play any battle.

When I entered my gaming site today, I saw a show on my skin. I got a reward. In fact, more than that, you know, I bought a few cards a few days ago, so I gave a party. I found a legendary card which I was completely surprised to see. In fact, the legend's card is very useful when I realized when I played Battle.

I saw that using this card increased my chances of winning most of the battles by attacking so well and defending so well. The rest of my work which I can't really explain. Finally I found a beautiful battle which I am going to share with you some small details I will share the link of my battle you can see if you want.

I think you will like this channel of mine and this new card of mine.

My battling and my card set up

  • Battling- life splinter
  • Mana cap- 22
  • Battle rules- standard
    Battle link

My card selection ...

Uriel the Purifier.jpg

  • 1st position I am using my new choge legion rewards legendary card- URIEL THE PURIFIER

Stitch Leech.jpg

  • The I am using my sneak ability card- STITCH LEECH

Celestial Harpy.jpg

  • 3rd position I am using my spy ability card- CELESTIAL HARPY

Gargoya Scrapper.jpg

  • 4rt position using just one commoner card-. GARGOYA SCRAPPER

Now shared some screenshots round by round..

1 round....


2 round...


3 round....


Thank you for visiting my little gaming blog ...god bless you.