Fukushima Abandoned & Frozen in time Department Store

Fukushima Abandoned & Frozen in time Department Store

I'm back in Fukushima with Frederik to show you the changes and to find the last abandoned places. In this episode we show you a clothes store which is frozen in time since the nuclear disaster. Hi I'm Bob an Urban Explorer and with friends I explore the most amazing abandoned places worldwide. It's the start of a new day .

After driving around in the area looking for
potential places we have a place in mind. Time for action. You can't start a day better with some Japanese sushi. Some parked security cars remind us that we have to be careful with every step we take. It's a really nice one, for a first location. Many stores are emptied but this one is still as it was left after the disaster.

I've got a little bit SEGA hall feelings here. Oh
there are some prizes in there you see? Check these bunnies. These little bears are popular, we saw a lot of them in the SEGA hall. Remember those? We're talking about this SEGA hall on Route 6, which is now demolished. Impressive. What's the radiation here, is it fine or? 0.3. That's almost as usual yeah okay so we don't have to...0.4, 0.5 microseverts. What do the readings say? 0.55 microsevert is the maximum. Okay,okay it's not too bad right. And everything it's in Japanese but there you have interior mat.

Oh yeah.Hello Kitty it's really popular man. It's something we didn't explore before this big. Finally a clothes store.Yeah really nice we saw a few but they were pretty small and this is one is really big. Yeah it's really big, it's impressive. These are some other clothes related places which we explored before. Watch out because there are workers Yeah right there. So much clothes man. Yeah leven saw brands like Dunlop. It's crazy that you can still find these places after 11 years. Yeah. and it's actually untouched. is this bedwear. Yeah.

Some pillows, bed sheets. oh [_]we're right in the view of ThIS quy.Here We naVe the warenouse. An ers take a look. It will be dark I guess. Completely dark ? No, oh it's also office. Nice let's check it out. [LJ activity is so close by. What is this socks? 25 centimeters. Oh you hear the sound when it opened? Haven't been opened in while. 2010 huh? That can be maybe they didn't change 2011 here, January. Smelly in here. we have some clothes from the employees. Yeah it smells bad probably there's a kitchen in here. Here's the kitchen.Some untouched lockers. This is why it smells so bad in here. Let's go back. Another warehouse. It's too dark.whoa, so many closes here, crazy right ? ah, the workers are there? Yeah watch out. Some shoes. Children shoes. Yeah here a lot. Look some animal footprints.

A little dress room. Without privacy.. Yeah I don't touch it. All the dust. Radioactive dust, yeah maybe. Whoa it's the first time I like to go shopping. A whole section of Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse. Elmo.Minnie Mouse. So these owners probably never came back. Most stores are being emptied and some like these? They didn't get a response probably. Before a building is able to be torn down they have to get permission from the owner. It's interesting to be back.Finally after three years. Yeah I've been here 4 times now still impressive to see, and touching as well. Well it's just sad. I guess after one year it's totally gone,

Yeah it's gonna be demolished. Everything changes so fast. Look at the shoe rack. All the dust man on these shoes. Do you have the meter with you ?Yeah, let's check it this is radioactive dust. It goes up..goes up and down. Slightly higher than usual but still not much. Every place has its own tragic story and in employees ever came back to the store? Did they return to their home in the former exclusion zone and what their life looks like now? You see this underwear?Yeah so last time I was here it was for a TV series with permission and we heard a story about a guy who got each of them you wonder by example if the owner or caught in the red zone. It was not to make piCtures but it was to steal dirty underwear. Can you imagine going to the red zone to steal dirty underwear from ladies?

Crazy. Look at these socks. Yeah funny. I have to say Japan has the craziest socks in the world. And everything will be thrown away. Everything. it's not Fukushima but 'Fukuske' Look some Playboy socks and also Elmo. Look at these. Cutest of 'then" all. It's a full training suit. Damn. For so far this place, it's time to go to the next. Thanks for watching please leave a comment and thumbs up and vote if you want to see more of the Fukushima exclusion zone, see you next time!