Meme challenge #313 Entry#1 Never judge a woman by her looks



Has this ever happened to you ?

That your wife or girl friend makes a lot of preparations for going to this particular party.
She even buys a new dress because she wants to get attention and wants to stand out.
Then the big day of the party arrives and she goes with you being her add on.
Everything seems to be going well. She is getting the desired attention and she is feeling that all the preparation has paid off.

you on the other hand are feeling OK so the money you paid for her shopping and the new dress did not go to waste.

Then the unexpected happens

She suddenly comes face to face with someone wearing just the same dress.
OMG that is so identical.
Horror of Horrors the person wearing the dress is someone she hates.
Then there is the moment of cold silence and then they stare at each other for a few moments that feel like eternity.

Then they smile you can feel the cold vibes and they come close faking miles and posing for a selfie.

You know this is not good

She might explode then and there but you have to do something to salvage the situation.
Luckily the moment passes. Soon you teo are on your way out and then way back and this is when her ranting starts.

That investment of yours jut went bust

All the money you invested in that dress has gone down the hill.
It feels like you invested in Tella Luna just before the crash.

This is from me folks !


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