Be Careful What You Ask For



We all get what we wish for, life hands us a handful of flowered petals, we dare not resist because they were all we had wished for. There were times when life was so rose-colored. Everything I wished for happened just as I wanted. I had taught I had my destiny rapped around my fingers. My circle of friends, my financial amplitude and my love life. They were just as perfect as I wished. I had taught that I had the ability to sustain my relationships, and that everything that eventually came to me was by my own making, although with a touch of little effort. It was difficult to understand why some people tell stories about how difficult it is to find someone, who gives about just the same energy that you give them. I thought it was a result of my ingenuity or that I was possibly a perfect lover.

Then, I began to have this titling feeling of unsatisfaction. I wanted to be able to relate with everything good and bad, beautiful and ugly, sad and happy. I wanted to be able to feel the pains that others feel when they narrate their stories to me, perhaps, it was the only way I could get involved directly and better understand what they were going through. I wanted to experience the heartbreak, to feel what it is like to experience the pain. I prayed for it, I wanted it so badly, I had enjoyed the perfect, blissful and exciting parts of relationship. I wanted to know what it feels to experience the bitter part. Alas, my prayers got answered, it was like a hit from a meteor shower. A devastating experience that left me helpless, I couldn’t handle it, I simply wanted the world to be put on hold. But then, that was an impossible thing to ask for because, of cause, the world doesn’t revolve around me and to think that- this was what I had always yearned for. I felt the wrecking pain of letting go someone you had envisaged forever with. I saw every experience as a step one must count to get to a final destination. And I accepted that all of those, were my wishes and prayers that were fervently coming to play before my eyes. As time ticked, I realized that I had experienced more heartbreaks than I could ever imagine. It was time to retract my steps.

I had to undo whatever had been done. Unfortunately, the universe had listened and paid heed. They had granted my silent wish and deepest desire to be able to feel the pains of others. But then, I have no power to undo all of those things. I simply pray that happiness comes into my life once more, since I am willing to let go the past hurts and pains. Today, I have come to better understand and appreciate whatever good comes my way because it is more difficult experiencing pain. I hope that we get to choose our words more carefully when we make a request, that we get to be conscious of the things that we choose and want for ourselves, because for all the wishes and prayers that we make, there is someone who listens and answers them.

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