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Happy to take up this challenge. It’s a privilege to be here and part of this community.
The cost of living in my ambience is really high and demanding. Since the inception of the Covid19 pandemic, living has been so expensive, you hardly meet someone who is boosting of living satisfactorily everyone is complaining as the prices of basic and essential commodities are getting higher as the day goes by. For instance, the price of fuel has increased from #165 per liter to #200 per liter and transportation is very high. A cup of rice is no longer #80 it is now sold for #150 a cup, the same goes for everything. Parents now find it difficult to feed their kids and the most striking part is that the kids now stay at home and the cost of paying Home Teachers is high. Now kids whose parents can’t afford the cost of getting a home teacher are left out, some schools resolve to e-learning or online classes and yet again, the cost of buying data is something else.

People have lost their jobs due to the fact that employers are running out of finance and in a bid to avoid owing their staff, they reduce the number of workers by sacking others.

The government on the other hand, is doing nothing to help out yet they continually make a public announcement of employing jobless citizen but those vacant positions are politically given as slot to high profiled officials who in turn extort money from the masses before they are offered the job or some limit the opportunity to their family members alone. Young graduate now roam the streets in search of jobs and out of frustration, some young girls go into prostitution.

The crime rate has improved; young men now resolve to arm-robbery and assassinate people for rituals and blood money. The rate of gambling has improved yet no one seems to be happy with their lives.

The cost of paying electricity bills is alarming and gotten of monthly basis else you’ll be disconnected from the source. Women cry and beg these electricity personnel’s who often come to disconnect their light but they are harden and looking like the Anti-Christ we’ve been hearing about in the bible.

The only safe place where people get hope from is the church and yet not all the needs of people can be met.
Conclusively, I would say that the cost of living for us is not palatable at all. I depend solely on God and the blockchain platforms like Hive to meet up my daily needs but most times I think of those who do not know about this or do not have the gadgets to explore or are illiterates. In all of this, we rely on GOD for everything.

To parents you never give up learning for your kids knowing full well that they are top of your priority list.

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