Effectiveness of life splinter in current battle conditions continued......


Hi everyone, I'm back here again with the last post about life splinter effectiveness and continue to check it's battle efficacy in different conditions.
Previous battle condition was a regular one where shieldbearer taunt prevailed over others but it wasn't against a full magic team. If you want to know about that battle and the post,
here's the link

Now let's continue with the post with another battle where I couldn't able to use my main taunt tank shieldbearer since the battle demanded only odd mana monsters while shieldbearer takes 8 mana. The battle condition was odd mana monsters and aim true means melee and range monsters will never miss and 29mana.
In this battle my summoner was General Sloan which I promised to use in all the posts which has +1 range attack.

My tank was silvershield paladin which has shield ability to reduce by half melee and range attack and magic reflect ability, quite handy.img_20220125_124407.jpg

In this battle, again I used two healers in spite of 3 last time as mana demands and also since my tank don't have taunt to attract all attacks on it. Used healers were angel of light and divine healer abilities of both i already discussed in previous post.
Next position holding was adelade brightwing, a legendary chaos legion monster with resurrect and repair ability which repairs two armors back to the most damaged armor monster.
With this along with angel of light, I used two monsters with resurrection ability which can help alot in case of sneak or snipe attack by enemy. Last but not the least monster I used was air elemental which is also my main damage dealer with high speed and dodge ability. Although his skills were not effective much in this battle because of aim true but still being the fastest, it'll attack first which always gives advantage in a battle.

Now let's look at the enemy team composition.
Summoner used was zintar mortalis which reduces 1 melee attack for all enemy monsters.
Enemy with a look was fond of using gold foil monsters only started with tank as Haunted spirit which has ability of magic reflect and self heal. Next to it was spine back wolf which posseses reach ability to attack from second position and thorns which deals 2 damage back to melee attackers. Next was silent Sha vi, a sneak monster with cripple ability which reduces one max health to the victim. Then creeping ooze with slow ability and dhampir stalker with deathblow which deals double damage to last survived enemy monster and true strike which doesn't miss, although battle condition was aim true enemy still used it. Last one in the enemy team was skeleton assassin with sneak ability and a dangerous poison ability which has 50% chance to inflict poison on enemy monsters which deals 2 health loss every round unless cleansed the poison. screenshot_2022_01_22_23_19_54_520_com.android.chrome.jpg

Link of battle:

The battle went on like I suspected, enemy used two sneak monsters to take down my last monster which was also my main damage dealer. Thanks to two resurrections, it survived two more rounds which paid off. With shield ability of my tank and repair from adelade brightwing it was almost impossible for them to take down my tank as they didn't focused on tank. Despite self heal of haunted spirit, it got knocked out because of huge damage from my air elemental and one magic reflect monster was not sufficient to take down adelade brightwing. Eventually enemy monsters were out of battle despite they took down my main damage dealer with 2 resurrections as it was too late for them.

That's it from this second battle and this post. Still more battle conditions to share which I'll do in my next posts in this series. Hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas of life splinter.
Coming up with the next post soon, till then stay safe and have fun and keep playing splinterlands.
Thanks for reading.
To be continued...........


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