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I agree 100% with you @pixiepost! People, especially new people, creating content on Hive see that they are earning rewards for their post. They then get dollar signs in their eyes and find something that gets them votes and run it to a hole in the ground making that kind of content.
On the flip side many new users show up and are afraid to create content out of fear of Hivewatchers and others for being flagged for plagiarism for simply being a normal user of social media. I've seen them destroy several new users for posts that are no different than what someone would post on Facebook or Twitter. I've also seen them destroy new users in areas with very limited access to the internet. Simply because they didnt respond to their "proof of who you are" comments in the specified amount of time. Believe it or not there are parts of the world where people can only access the internet once a month if they are lucky.
I'm not trying to bad mouth Hivewatchers I do believe they have good intentions. But they need to change their "one size fits all" tactics.

Then there is the Curation Circle Jerk. You know what I'm talking about. Where people upvote certain people's posts just because they are a friend. Then that friend return the favor by returning the upvote to all of the others posts. Wash, rins, repeat. I'm in on it unwillingly myself. I can see it. Take for example my video I posted last night. 22 upvotes 0 views. I think this is the main thing that is causing what you are seeing. People creating content just to post for their Curation Circle Jerk.

The combination of those two things has created a massive amount of people seeking monetary rewards and has given us mass produced content that isn't really entertaining to the majority of people. IMO this is the biggest unaddressed barrier to onboarding on Hive that absolutely no one wants to talk about. We've got a big chance here to onboard a massive amount of people right now! And its going to blow up in our faces cause those new people will come and see that they can create shit posts and get rewarded big for it only if they play nice with some whales.

All of this has created something that I dont think the Hive developers can fix. Cause you cant code human behavior. IMO the best way to get "genuine" content is to remove the rewards from upvotes.
But I dont think that will never happen.
When you take away the money and just talk to people you see who they truly are.


Those are very interesting points & yes, no matter what platform we are on, there's always going to be some definite challenges. When they aren't addressed, it does create a certain "stagnant" energy & doesn't always represent HIVE in the way it should. I do hope these things eventually will be worked out, but in the meantime, we can still do our best as content creators to post valuable content.

Yes, of course, there are people who are just in it to make the money & that's fine. I am not necessarily talking about them, because, as you said, we can't control human behavior. That's on them. Basically, I am referring to the content creators who are nervous about going out of their comfort zone & posting something different. Always be authentic & don't just copy people. The upvotes may be there at first, but I have seen that diminish or change as the algorithm changes. So, if one is in it for just that, it will be short lived.

When we CONSISTENTLY create valuable content, the upvotes & engagement will come. For some, it may be a modest but consistent amount & others, it will be a huge amount. We all have a moment in the spotlight, but the most important thing is not getting stuck in one niche ALL the time. I don't know about you, but I can only read so many posts about the same topic day in & day out.

A very interesting discussion - we all should be more open to this in the future! Thank you for the comments & I appreciate you! :) 💚