LookBack @ DragonBallFinance AMA


*Invest in ShitCoinz at your own risk

So I want to take a look back at my first AMA that I have ever conducted, which is what I thought, a vary interesting concept: To delve into the minds of the madmen who are
co-opting intellectual property or slapping together what some may consider poorly thought out DeFI platforms.

The main questions I want to ask these folks is:

. How did you get into Crypto/DeFi?
. Where did the idea for you platform originate?
how did you choose the theme?
. What other products do you intend to offer other than just transferring value/liquidity farming.
. Are you a programmer, or just a marketer, how do you fit into this scheme?
. What makes you confident in the success of your platform?

I am not a great blogger, and I dont want to get too long winded here, and just want to provide the recorded documentation of this event, and to show others what it looks like when I interview the MasterMind of a "ShitCoin". If you have any questions, comments, or constructive criticism, I am happy and willing to engage with you in the comments!

[audio only]
15 seconds into the video, the audio clears up. But I do apologize for the sensitive mics, and the unprofessional audio quality. Shanron was using his headphones + Phone for communication, and my audio only comes from the left earphone.. Oh well, it was a good conversation!

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