Upvote Shares Level 32 Curation Dividend Payouts & Progres

Level 32 Was Completed just over a week ago with Level 33 being ready to open up. As always, there is another round of Curation Reward Dividends to Shareholders with 11 or more shares.

I staked some more Tribe tokens which continue to slowly but surely grow to bring some nice added value to all Shareholders.

-TribeCurrently StakedMultiplier
Hive11900 HP1x
Leofinance700 LEO10x
Palnet2505 PAL2x
Sportstalk386500 SPORTS10x
Neoxian14475 NEOXAG5x
ClickTrackProfit590 CTP10x
Proof Of Brain500 POB5x
1up.zone1000 ONEUP5x

Level 31 Curation Dividends

As always, all shareholders that have at least 11 shares are getting curation dividend payouts with a small multiplier based on their shares. Payouts should have been done just before this post was published.

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The voting power continues to hold up and after level 33 (of which 35 shares are already reserved) the upvote percentage for each share will remain at 2.8%. I will only adjust it down once the voting power regularly gets below 82%. The aim is to open the next level rather sooner than later within a week from now. The time there are just regular dividends since it's so soon since last payout. I however likely will do double again next time as there is some spare hive still on Hive-Engine.

Thanks everyone and as always let me know if I made any mistakes. Also, feel free to leave questions, feedback, and suggestions in the comments below as always!

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I'm really glad to be able to join this great project; if I was just a few months later, I would have to buy shares on the aftermarket as all the shares would be already sold!



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