A Brand New Decentralized LeoFinance - What Can Beat this?

Yesterday, we had one of the most powerful update from the LeoFinance team and this is expected to position the LeoFinance ecosystem for mass adoption as it journeys into the path of becoming the web3 version of "everything app" ahead of Twitter. At the end of this post, you would be able to ascertain how:

  • LeoFinance would hit 5,000 MAUs before year end
  • How daily threads (microblog) would hit 5,000 before Q3, 2023
  • How $LEO token would flip to the $1 range
  • How LeoFinance would gain mainstream adoption.

Nothing is as soothing a sustainable model. My leadership mentor would always advice me to build systems that can thrive whether I'm there or not. This would definitely mean decentralizing your system and having everyone member's voice seen as relevant. This goes a long way to boost the commitment of each of the member of the system when they know that their effort would be recognized and rewarded.

In LeoFinance's LPUD journey, one of the best outings was obtained when every participant was promised a reward commiserate with level of commitment and contribution to the overall outcome of the event. In that edition, a user received a reward proportionate with the amount of $LEO staked. It sounds so fair that even the least participant would go back with a prize. Though in this case, a threshold has to be put in place to avoid abuse. This is unfolding for blogging rewards on leofinance.io.

The @LeoFinance update titled "A Complete Overhaul to Curation on LeoFinance | Be Active and Earn Big Upvotes (3.2M HP)" is a super booster for every member and user in the LeoFinance community and we can only have a bigger outcome. This, I call a true decentralization at the community level that takes into cognizance every single commitment of each user and rewards them accordingly. Like the title adds Be Active and Earn Big Upvotes (3.2M HP), we are going to see geometric progression of activities around the LeoVerse.

I see this bringing the Experience Point (XP) system into LeoFinance and its is a super gamification. Looking at the amazing ride with some users participants in the Zealy campaign already gathering 15k XP in the sprint and others marking about 3k threads in just 12 days of the new UI. That means more impressions on Hive blockchain.

Community is the Focus

The new curation focus prioritizes the community over individuals and this can only spice engagement to its best levels. REWARD THE COMMUNITY being the purpose of the creation of the @leo.voter account is beginning to find expression. In the first place, the 3.2 million Hive Power (HP) held by the said account is a pool from the community though with 16% APY rewards to delegators. It's indeed, Hive Power of the People, by the People, and for the People.

The decentralization of curation within the LeoFinance community across the Six categorizations: Stake Based, Ambassador, Outreach Based, Engagement, Leaderboard, and Community Drivers, is a perfect broad covering that would accommodate every single user of the LeoFinance. Both old and new users have a place to fit in. Indeed, it again affirms the promise that Project Blank is for everyone.

Engagement (Outreach Based, Engagement, Leaderboard) induced reward form 50% of the new curation rules. This means we will be having more threads threadstorms, comments and high quality posts, in that order. The implication is that there would be more Ad impression on LeoFinance and that results to more LeoAds revenue generated. I would not be surprised if we can hit $20k monthly going forward.

Suggestion: I think as the LeoAds revenue keeps growing, its usage would also spread into maybe continuing the adoption (retention) campaign, so we can sustain the growing number of impressions on the microblogging/blogging app.

Hitting 5,000 MAUs for LeoFinance which is the goal for year end 2023 is achievable with this new curation model in place. This is because there are many users that would have loved to create contents in this community but feel their content would not be rewarded. Now, every user has a slot. Growing MAUs for LeoFinance means more microblogs. A recent report stands at 3.4k threads daily and I proposed 5k daily threads before the end of Q2, 2023.

Don't Joke with Your $LEO Power

The gamification of LEO Power has been the biggest iteration in the LeoVerse in my view and it signals the breakout point for the $LEO token. Curation based on Leo Power held is only an added usecase for Leo Power and this can only grow the demand for the LEO token in a superb way.

Your Leo Power is your power and voice in the LeoFinance ecosystem which extends to DeFi, NFTs and more. The new decentralization in LeoFinance would motivate users to raise their bar when it comes to building their Leo Power.

The Journey to a $1 LEO

As I write this post, the $LEO token on hive-engine market has made a price impact of +23% and trying to gather supports at $0.04. It is clear that the more demand for LEO by users and the increasing burn from the community account as well as the 15k daily buy-back by @leo.voter curation rewards is bringing us closer to seeing the $1 price mark again for the $LEO token.

With the adjusted LEO tokenomics where only 5,000 LEO is minted by inflation daily and 3x of that is already bought out by @leo.voter, we are sure that the big chunk of the LEO sell wall would be bought off in no time.

The LEO token is becomeing a very scarce commodity in the crypto market in no time. Now is just the best time to stack and prepare for the future moon.

Final Words

A brand new LeoFinance has emerged with clear cut decentralized reward system that would improve the lots about the platform and the utility token - $LEO. We're already leaping into bullish days while the entire crypto market is still red. Let's get active and square up our positioning for the future that unveils.


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