Miss the $LEO Bear Market Now and Regret Later


Mohammed Alli, an American professional boxer, nicknamed "The Greatest" is credited to have said “I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” As hard as every training session can be, every champion must be willing to go through it.

As at today, Nigeria is celebrating a young Chef, Hilda Baci, attempting to break the Guinness World Record with the longest cooking time in a cook-a-thon that started on Thursday. It can only take several hours of fitness training and sleep denial to be on a standing position cooking for Four days.

In all two cases above, the preparation for their feat was never a loved moment but, enduring those times opens up into joyful moments. We all hate bearish markets, but it's the best time to make crypto millionaires and billionaires. I've had my tales of enduring a bearish season that resulted into big bags later on.

In the last few days, the LeoFinance community has become the sensation spot in the Hive blockchain. Becoming the wen3 version of Elon Musk's everything app has made LeoFinance to become a bustling hub for crypto knowledge and conversation. Besides, every participant access several opportunities to earn crypto actively and passively.

In response, there is a growing demand for the utility token of the LeoFinance ecosystem, $LEO. With over $2,000 in trading volume, the $LEO token has got a surprising +80% price change over the last 14 days and moving towards the 10 Cents price value. While many are happy about the price movement of LEO, the happier people are those who decided to buy the dipest dip.

Some investors in the token felt bad about $LEO's dip but failed to buy in cheaper, but it turned out within days made a flip and with no signs of going back. I remember the year 2020 story about LEO when it moved from 5 Cents to 25 Cents, then to $1 and above. We could have a similar trend in 2023. Reasons for this possibilities are not far fetched as the LEO tokenomics has changed with many utility and sinks created for the token.

150 LEO now is equal to $300 in 2025.

Today is Leo Power Up Day (LPUD) where Hive users are rewarded for powering up at least 150 $LEO tokens. This month's LPUD edition came with a special boost of The Lion Buidler - LPUD NFT for users powering up at least 8,000 LEO token. A quest to reach that milestone may make some miss powering up at least 150 LEO to qualify for the LPUD badge for may 2023.

I did have plans to attempt reaching for the Lion Buidler - LPUD NFT but it didn't go as planned and I refuse to miss out of the joy each LPUD edition brings. I powered up a tiny 155 LEO tokens today because I know that 150 LEO today is equivalent to $300 in 2025 and may even be worth more.

We can iterate that the $LEO token would be worth $2 to $5 in the year 2025 with the current tokenomics, LeoAds and Leo.voter buy offs as well as more utility created for the token that would impress more investors.

Already, the new LeoFinance curation module is inspiring users to buy and stake more LEO token to climb up the Pride Rank for more rewards. The true power of Leo Power has been unveiled and more income opportunities has been attributed to Leo power.

As at today and the present LEO rates:

  • becoming a Newborn Cub would require at least $100
  • becoming a Cub would require at least $250
  • becoming a Lion would require at least $750
  • becoming a Leader of the Pack would require at least $2,500
  • becoming a Apex Lion would require at least $7,500.

Those rates would definitely change upwards in the next few hours and significantly by the end of the month when the fist LeoAds revenue would be compounded to buy off LEO from the market for increased staking APY to stakeholders. Trying to meet up with the above pride ranks would become more difficult as the time goes.

Suffice to say that at $0.05, LEO token is still in the bear market and it is a good time to take advantage of the red market to secure some good wealth spots for the future.

At this point, buying LEO token should be a daily goal. It gets easier staking LEO in bits. Look at this:

  • 10 LEO daily equals 300 LEO by the next LPUD
  • 20 LEO daily equals 600 LEO by the next LPUD.

Staking in bits each is a very cheap compared to stacking in bulk in the future. You better not miss the LEO bear market. now so you don't regret later.

Are you Staking more LEO?


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The $LEO price looks hungry to climb up and I think this brings happiness to all of us that stuck around and increased our bags. Finally we see some sustainable tokenomics brought to Leo Finance and with it the platform should see a great future.