"USERS" are the Biggest Asset of Hive



Looking up today's Hive statistics by @Arcange, it is interesting to see that things are moving upwards as far as activities on Hive blockchain are concerned. While we had the peak usage of the blockchain at far back January 2018 (then as Steem), there was a gradual decline from the over 200k users (monthly) down to less than 30k users immediately after the Hive hardfork in March 2020. However, today's statistics as seen above shows that we're nearing 80k users in August 2021, the highest so far since the Hive fork.

New users are joining us too...

It gladdens my heart to see that new users are also joining us on Hive on daily basis. With close to 35500 new users as at 10th August out of which about 96% are active is a sign that things are shaping up. Indeed, I won't be surprised that the increased userbase has contributed to the height in Hive price over the last 72 hours.


Truly, when we have more users that place demand for the the token either through upvotes received or liquid tokens held or in stake, there is bound to be an upward price trend. The more the spread of the token in many accounts, the healthier the token value and tokenomics. This growth in userbase has also contributed to the growth in dapp usage. Consider that developers had spent weeks of hardwork and spent their skills building a dapp where no one uses. That would be a sheer waste of resources and I can understand how frustrating that can be.

Indeed, users, people are the biggest asset we can have on this blockchain and every community builder should be interested in what would make each user to stay and that stay active within a particular community. Every dapp developer should be interested to know what is to be done to help retain a user to keep using a dapp. Our biggest assets here are not our token volumes, stakes and the price pomps, people are.

Few days ago, I tries to share thoughts on the uncontendable place of humanity to technological development. I remember some years back when our parents relocated to town so we could access better education and basic amenities. Our family (village) home which was already built and furnished was barely empty. Though dad would always visit at least once i two to three months, it was horrible in one the the visits I joined him to discover that termites had destroyed ceilings on three rooms. These were rooms with foreign treated wood that had a warranty of over 30 years. We later discovered that the reason for the invasion was because no one lived in the house.

In another occasion, I almost fell a victim of a huge cobra (snake bite) in the same house in one of our cleaning visits, It had crawled in when it was younger and smaller but stayed within the house to grow and raise "kids". All these happened because humans that were supposed to live in the house had evacuated. In had long learnt the lesson that, people makes houses sustainable and people make a community.

We are the biggest assets of Hive. Yes, I mean users. Every one user is very important. This therefore places demand on one to seek ways to build healthy relationship around by earning followership and following other users to share ideas, thoughts, that can lead to future collaboration which can lead to the emergence of the biggest dapp that is yet to exist on Hive nor the in the crypto space.

How strong is your user network on Hive?

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