Most bitcoin in Balance Sheet || Companies are performing amazingly


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Where every company is trying to be successful in the race of technology, there are some companies that develop the system of new technology in their organizations and become leaders in the market.

There are many companies that are working on Bitcoin and allow Bitcoin as a legal and they are successfully working with Bitcoin. In this race major five companies are following that are trying their best to develop a strong Bitcoin system and have the most bitcoin in their balance sheets.

Companies are:

  1. Microstrategy
  2. Tesla
  3. Galaxy Digital
  4. Voyager Digital
  5. Square

Microstrategy is a USA-based company that provides Mobile software, business intelligence, and cloud base services. While Tesla is also USA based company that produces electrical vehicles. Galaxy Digital provides the services of finance and investment. square is also USA based company that provides financial services.

These are the companies that are successfully using Bitcoin and trading safely. This is a big example for companies across the globe to use Bitcoin in their Operations.

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