An Update on Advertising Spots and OMA



I confess, I joined SteemIt HIVE with the hopes of finding a way to fund independent web development.

In theory HIVE is money. People use money to exchange goods and services.

My first thought was to use HIVE or HBD to sell advertisements on independent web sites. I joined SteemIt in April 2018. I haven't found anyone interested in this route in the last 43 moons.

I like to make an open offer to sell ads. I am happy to take payment in HIVE, HBD or any alt coins on HIVE Engine.

Unfortunately, the price of HIVE and HBD are volatile; So, I can't list the price in HIVE.

3 years ago, I asked for 20 cents for a thousand page views. $0.20 CPC.

I manually place the ads. I will spend at least an hours worth of work per ad; so, I asked for a minimum order of $20.00 for 100,000 ad views.

I like to price in ad views because I've noticed that the clickthrough rate varies depending on the ad copy.

The dollar is in an inflationary cycle. Since people on HIVE like monetary theory, I decided to switch things up. I decided to sell advertising at a rate of 100,000 ads for an ounce of silver based on kitco's price which is $26.07.

To facilitate sales, I created my own coin called The OMA .

I price the OMA at one eighth of an ounce of silver.

I did this because, at the time of the US Revolution, folks did their recogning in the Spanish Dollar. People would cut these coins into eight pieces which they called bits. The Spanish dollar was known as pieces of eight.

Shady merchants often shaved coins. Most pieces of eight at the time of the US Revolution were underweight. Hamilton set the price of the US dollar at 26.73 grams .. a truly strange figure.

Anyway, most silver rounds weigh one troy ounce of silver. So, I figure that a modern bit is worth 1/8 of an ounce.

NOTE: The OMA is not pegged to the price of silver. I simply adjust the selling price up and down as the price of HIVE fluctuates.

To make the OMA interesting, I decided to make the following: I will double the ads for anyone who buys ads with OMA. Instead of getting 100,000 ads for $25, I will give 200,000 ads for the 8 OMA.

I will sell 20,000 for 1 OMA.

I just checked. The price of silver was $26.07. The price of HIVE was 0.323. The price of an OMA would be 26.07/8/.323 which equals 10.09.

The OMA will have some other uses which I will detail at a later date. It really is just a gimmick.

I joined HIVE because I was hoping to find ways to fund independent web development. Right now, the only thing I have on the table is advertising.

I am happy to take payment in any currency on HIVE or HIVE-Engine.

I would be happy to take payment in staked coins. You can contact me by dropping a note below or through the peakd chat service.

I have several million general ad views per month. I have some ad space on HIVE specific projects. Specifically, the account @irivers has created a project called "The Outsider Look at HIVE." This project is writing reviews on the site for all of the web sites that access the HIVE blockchain. The project will generate a few hundred thousand ad views specifically related to HIVE.

The picture shows the 1986 Ellis Island coin which does not weigh an ounce.

I probably should re-iterated. The reason I want to sell advertising is so that I will be able to create independent web sites. Not because I love advertising.


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