Money And Happiness


Till tomorrow these two factors will continually be argued about especially if they are directly proportional to each other or totally independent of one another. While many might argue that the sentence "money can't buy happiness " has been used to cage simple minded people to stay in a particular level some might agree otherwise. It is important to understand that a lot of factors influence happiness and although money seems to top the list on many peoples chart it doesn't necessarily on others.

Happiness is a bigger puzzle than many realise and what makes us happy might not make the other person happy because one man's trash is still another's treasure because happiness means different things to each and everyone of us. For example to a rich man, money might or might not be his source of example. He could own millions and not be able to find love or have a child of his own which would make him sad, while another rich man in a similar situation might simply settle for a sugar baby and an adopted child.

In the case of a poor man, it is quite obvious that money is a huge factor in his happiness because of the frustration and heart aches money brings. It would be really dumb to tell such a person that money can't buy happiness when he struggles to send his children to school or put food on their table but perhaps someone in a similar situation might not mind and be happy still. Money would reduce their worries and frustration and which could make them happier because of the situation of things.

To truly understand happiness would be like trying to study every snow flake on the surface of the earth i.e impossible. The important factor would be to help people differentiate happiness and earthly needs from each other. The world we live in is imposing, the government, the media and the environment want us to want certain things due to the profit they are trying to make of us. Would owning a car make you happy? Of course , you'll be able to move yourself and your family around easily but would 10 other cars make you happier? The answer is no, the environment we live in has successfully tried to market unnecessary luxuries and items as happiness when infact they are not.

80% of humans are already environmentally lead without even realising and that is why they see their inability to afford these excess as sadness. The funny irony is that no matter how much of these excesses you acquire you are simply filling a media or social media hunger.Happiness is truly what you make of it. If you decide to be happy with what you have and stick with it no matter what you would be happy and it not happiness would continually remain a far away dream. Whatever your happiness is based upon will continually be a driving force in how happy you'll be and that is why it is important that we don't base happiness on money or other luxuries but rather on things that can't fade or be destroyed like family , time , friends, love or whatever you prefer.