The Island (2005) - A film with a good and interesting subject that is worth watching.


The Island (2005) - A film with a good and interesting subject that is worth watching.

Hello everybody. Today in this post i will try to present a good movie, with a script that i can say, can keep you captive in front of the screen. Ok, in this movie story, the main actors Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson play the role of special clones. Clones, created especially for changing the organs of some super-rich people from the outside world.

Ok, just thinking i could be a clone in this precious life, created especially for certain petty purposes, kind of gives me exaggerated palpitations - I wouldn't like to find out. And yet, if i sit and think a little about the genesis of the world, humanity could be an amazing creation of a super, super advanced civilization (well, I can't really accept the idea that I'm just a clone).

Anyway, no matter what you think or not, i confidently recommend the film - it's an art film created for anyone who likes the science fiction genre. It is a good and interesting film that presents a hypothetical situation in which the possible effects of human cloning can be seen. A possible real problem but presented in a simulated way (from my point of view this would be the role of these film creations like science fiction).

In fact, there has been and still is a lot of debate about the morality of the medical act of cloning (Just do a little research on the World Wide Web about Dolly the sheep). Cloning is still a delicate subject in the civilization in which we continue to live our lives. That is, there are still many of us who cannot accept or conceive of human cloning. Indeed, there are many followers of cloning who claim that those possible clones will be able to provide compatible organs in case of transplantation, thus saving people's lives (here would come the problem of the soul, the ego of that cloned being - xD is a living being) - while the others who are on the other barricade and here i am referring to the opponents of cloning, state that cloning would be an immoral, barbaric medical procedure.

Interestingly, director Michael Bay impresses with his idea, story, actors, action and effects - I liked it and it was well worth the time. Just a little summary - nothing more.

Two mysterious characters, Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) and Jordan Two-Delta (Scarlett Johansson) are among the hundreds of residents of an institution under control. These two characters along with the other inhabitants are housed in a carefully controlled environment - everything related to their daily lives being completely monitored, under the pretext that it would be for their own good.
When the two characters discover that the Island is a cruel prank, they will try to escape. From that moment on, the two will have a real fight for survival.

Honestly, this movie, The Island - is the kind of science fiction movie i love the most. And this only because it presents a topic that is still controversial at the moment and because it has a very well-developed story that keeps you constantly in suspense. From my point of view, human cloning will one day be allowed, but to clone a human being so that it can be used as a donor - it's real cruelty, barbarism, quite macabre - something my mind can't accept. Every living thing has the right to live to the point of exhaustion - even if it is cloned (it is one hundred percent alive).

Do not miss this film - it is a futuristic film with a special subject with a possible alternative hypothesis of the future of humanity. The future of our descendants depends very much on the degree of morality of those present in this life. For me, the story of the subject of this film completely upset me. Would a clone of a certain human being actually think independently? Would he have emotions? Feelings or feelings? or Would he really have the same memories or feelings with the cloned subject? Finally, many question marks can be asked, which are more or less strange or maybe stupid. All the best - Enjoy Your Time.