Troy 2004 - The best screening of Greek mythology.

Troy 2004 - The best screening of Greek mythology. A true cinematic masterpiece of 2004, which I recommend with confidence to everyone.

Greetings to all those present in this vast digital space. Today in this post i will present a film that i watched a long time ago ... an artistic film that i recommend with confidence. It's a super good movie, which shows a small part of the ancient history of mankind.

The theme of the film is the Trojan War, where the bloody and brutal battles between Greeks and Trojans are present. In general, the story of the film focuses enormously on a small epic of a single legendary character. None other than the powerful and legendary Achilles ... a famous Greek hero. According to Greek mythology, Achilles fought because he wanted his name to become known, to become a living legend. In those mythical times, due to his victories, it was already rumored that Achilles could not be defeated in any battle in which he participated. He was considered a being sent by the gods among men.

According to Greek mythology, at the birth of Achilles, his mother Thetis wanted to make him immortal. It is supposed that she bathed him in the waters of the Styx (a legendary river between the world of the living and that of the souls that dwelt in the realm of Hades), holding him by the heel. Being the only part of the body that has not been submerged in water, the only vulnerable point, a weak point that during its life will be hit by a simple arrow that will cause its death.

What's more, Achilles was a great Greek hero, who managed to emerge victorious in many battles, being considered an expert in the art of war. I highly recommend the film, because it is indeed a good film that is very much related to those mythological events of ancient Greece. Even though technology and the art of cinema have evolved considerably in all the years that have passed - the distribution, script and production of this film pass the test of time .... It really gave me immense pleasure to see it again these days. A good, long historical film with a captivating and interesting story. It is worth watching carefully in a quiet and pleasant environment.

Thank🙂 you for your precious time. All🙋‍♂️ the best to everyone🌍.