A Single Potion but Huge Possibilities

I was finally able to complete one of my daily quests today and while I always prefer to unlock a card so I can level up my deck I often get stuck with something like this or worse a few fractions of a penny.


Most people would get upset about earning this but in reality I have to say I'm happy with it. That's because with some posting on splinterlands and hive I've been able to accumulate some funds to buy some new chaos packs. While this option might not seem like much to many what it does is gives me a little boost to unlock a legendary card. A single legendary card would have the power to level up faster in seasons offering up even greater rewards.

I thought I would of had enough to buy another pack but I'm about a $1 short lol. So I'll have to wait till tomorrow for a payout on another post of mine. In any case thank you for the support. I'll drop in some battles this weekend along with another pack opening and see how we do!