DEC and SPS The Growth From $210

The last few days have been a little harsh to me in terms of Splinterlands rewards. I'm hoping to get into Bronze level 1 this time around but I have to say the competition has heated up.

I also believe a change this season (or next) is that you get whatever level you are at on season reset. Before how it happened was if you made it to say Dimond levels and fell all the way back to bronze you would still get the diamond level season ending rewards. That's no longer the case and where you land is what you get.

Todays reward was yet again more DEC. The last week I have to say the only thing I've been getting are DEC rewards but this one was of decent size coming in at 22


Before when prices of DEC were $0.001 that would have meant I made about 2 cents. However since the price of DEC prices it now means I'm at about $0.15 and if DEC hits $0.01 each which honestly seems like that might be the case soon it would mean $0.22 not all that bad of a reward.

SPS tokens are going well also. I know it's not much and most likely laughable by many but it's my own little stake. I invested $200 into untamed packs and $10 on the spell book so I'm in for $210 total


Just this airdrop in itself looks like I'll be making my investment back.

But my value of my NFT deck is $1,500 now that's crazing being I only spent $210 at the time. I believe Splinterlands is only getting started as well. It's only a matter of time before some big names start playing it on stream and start really gaining attention from even more people interested in crypto, axie type games and some seriously beautiful actionable NFTs.