New Reward Card Claimed!

What seems like forever today I finally unlocked a rewards card and it's one of the new ones! For a long while there I wasn't getting anything but a few potions and some DEC.


Pelacor Bandit!

This common card deals out some nice damage when leveled up and another bonus of it is sneak which will hit the back line and FLY which means it has a increased chance at dodging attacks from melee or ranged who don't have the flying ability themselves. This often means a card like this can take a good few strikes before going down as many end up missing.


The cards value comes in at about $0.18 not bad for about 10 minutes of play which I enjoy. Or almost $0.30 on the wax block chain. Wax seems to always be a little higher but also less transactions so if you're up for waiting around it can often turn into a possible higher sale.