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Hi there Leo and Hive Family,

Today I decided that I am going to refurbish a bit my crypto passwords vault and make it more accessable and comprehensive for my parents and closest ones in an event that I would to disappear and not tell anyone anything about my crypto holdings.

Of course, I have made a list with all my passcodes, seed phrases, and so on, but I have done it in my style. On a piece of paper in my own writing, purposely missing important characters and shortening the letters. I have included hints to remind myself of how to extract the whole password but to any sane person that would be gibberish, complete non-sense.

And then I thought again, what if something were to happen to me and I disappear. What would happen to my funds? Nobody could inherit them because I am the sole owner of my crypto and nobody knows my passwords so it would be close to impossible even for my parents to access my crypto. It would be lost forever. That is a shame, I am trying to invest and create wealth and it is really a bummer to just lose like that. I remember reading articles that an estimate of around 4 million bitcoins are lost permanently. And they are lost because the people owning them have either passed away or locked themselves out of them. It is mind blowing how much more it would be in the future if we do not do something about it.

So I made up my mind, I will write everything in plain format, understandable for my closest ones and keep it out of sight. In this way, I will know that my heritage would never be lost. I thought how to do it best and decided to give shieldfolio a try. They are basically a company specialized in creating books and pens for crypto enthusiasts like me. The book is made of water and tear resistant pages and the pen's ink is only visible though UV light. I do not want to go into details about the product. If you are interested in more information about them, visit their website that I have mentioned above.

So let's just dive into the meat and bread of what I would like to share.

Since I have been an investor for less than a year now. Still green, my portfolio is not impressive, neither are my total amount of investments. I see that the smartest people already own cold storage wallets and keep their crypto over there . But those are mostly people that have been long enough to accumulate tens or even hundreds of bitcoins in their wallets. It is understandable why they would not trust any Exchange for custodial services for milions of FIAT in crypto. But me, I do not even own 1 bitcoin at the current prices. So I have placed all my crypto investments in different Exchanges, DeFi Farms, and Earning platforms to gain some additional capital so that I can invest more heavily when the time comes.

So the first one on my list and actually that was my first crypto deposit - I love their App because it is super noob friendly. I later understood that it was silently reaping me off the whole time because I was buying crypto at market prices with slippage. I did not know what was a limit order nor was thre any option in the App about that. Anyway, my beautiful shieldfolio diary have a few different pages. The first page you can write your name, phone number, address, etc. That would be if you ever lost the book and some nice Samaritan finds it and decides to return it back to you. Pretty useful. Then we have several pages for random information. Just like a diary.


The first important page and there are many of those is Login Information Page. There I write the Source, Username, Password, 2FA, and notes if for example I have done something that is not easy to understand. In my case, my passwords are long and did not fit the spaces so I had to explain how to read them in the notes section. So, about Everything was sound except for the 2FA backup. If you have not written the backup words separately in time of its creation, then you have to contact Customer Support in the event that you lost your phone or it was stolen from you. And then I also read, it is best to use Authy instead of Google Authenticator because it has more features like multiple-device functionality and cloud backups which Google Authenticator does not provide. That is a pity, I wasn't aware that I could use more secure Apps for 2FA. So resetting my 2FA with would include prodiving a selfie holding a paper with my personal info and exact request. That is a hassle. I saw that on Binance, there is actually a way to disable 2FA on their Exchange platform and when you re-enable it, you have the option to re-write again the backup words. Better not lose my phone 😃.

Well, there is an option in Google Authenticator to export all of your profiles via QR code if you are contemplating switching to a higher quality smartphone. So that is something at least.


Moving on, there are several pages for your seed phrases for wallets like Metamask or DEFI wallet which I like a lot. They recently launched their Chain and 30-50% yield awards on CRO staking with fees as low as in the BSC. And yes, the wallet is completely yours. Your wallet, your crypto, your keys! Backup responsively or assume full responsibility for an accidental loss of access.


Third most important page is the Private Key one. This I will use for my Hive Private Key. It is great to have everything setup but what happens if you lose access to your phone and your PC. And you want full access to your account. Yes, you can have limited access with posting or active key but this is your account so I would not rely solely on my Mailbox to keep my private key. It is not best practice anyway.


Lastly, they do have this option to self encrypt your own passwords with letters. It is basically the same as what I did on my flying pieces of paper at home. Write it in such a way that only you would understand it. But this is not the idea at this moment. Good option, but I will not use it.

Basically this is what I am doing this last couple of days. It is actually harder than I initially had anticipated. I now use Biometric access instead of any type of passwords and have forgotten nearly half of them. Very convenient but if I lose my phone, I am practically locked out of my accounts. But at least when I am at the coffie shop and enter my crypto, I never expose any passwords thanks to the Biometric feature. I often have my WiFi turned on and it automatically connects to networks with little to no secutity at all. The worst part is, I don't even realize this until it is too late... We all learn from mistakes mostly, not from reading other peoples experiences.

Anyway, it is time wrap things up but if you are interested in this topic let me know in the comments section below. How do you backup your wallets passcodes? Do you do it at all? Do you use any external means like offline cold storage or just an old fashion USB stick? I am insterested in hearing your thoughts.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. All the best!

Stay happy, be peaceful!




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