Arbitrage opportunity on the VYB token?



So recently I got to know about the vybrainium project and its VYB token which is the native token of the platform ,..the project seems to be a great one and have unique approach to freedom of expression and gives users the opportunity to be able to express their opinions concerning various subjects.

I was checking through the VYB token on the market and i noticed the huge difference in the bid price and ask price.

Currently the highest bid price is around 0.039hive which is around $0.05322 as you can see on the screenshot..

The lowest asking price for the VYB token is around the price of 0.06Hive..I believe that this is a wonderful arbitrage opportunity on the market as a person can simply buy the VYB token at the price of 0.039 hive and then resell it at the price of 0.06hive and be able to earn profit from the trade..or am I missing something??

And based on the sell orders according to the screenshot above , we can see that there is more price appreciation that will possibly occur In the future , we can see some pending sell orders which is up to 0.200hive..

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