If all workers get paid via cryptos , what are the side effects?


So i saw this recent post by @zartisht where he shared an information concerning how a large percentage of Canadians confirmed that that they would love to get paid via cryptos

You can find the blog here

So after I read the information, some thoughts came into my head and the major one was that "what if every workers around the world decides that they should get paid via crypto " ??

What will be the results of such decisions if their wish is granted, what will be the effect of such decisions on the crypto market ? It would be a great benefits to our society or you think it will come with some disadvantages which could be dangerous to the society?

What do you think would be its impact on the world economy ? Should such decisions be encouraged or you think it is not a great decision to take? I want to hear what you have to say concerning this subject..Thanks

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