Family back home from the bliss at a relaxing Taupo DeBretts Resort in New Zealand (Myself not included)


Hi guys, how's 2022 treating you??May this year be a prosperous one for each and every one of us..... This is my first time posting on this community and I would like to talk about a relative of mine abroad (New Zealand to be precise).

The whole family went on vacation for the Christmas/New year in another town in New Zealand and had to Lodge in an hotel called Taupo Debretts Spa i was chatting with her on WhatsApp and she told me how nice the place was,the pool,the resort,the rooms and all.







I asked her to send me pictures so that i can share it on my blog,the real reason is because i really wish i can take that kind of expensive vacation or even travel out of the country for a start and believe me....i know all those things will happen and so i want to write this post now so that when it all happens I'll be able to refer to this and thank God......(lol)

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Vacation is actually so they're back home and it was really a fun experience for them,bonding time etc

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I actually Google the resort and the pictures are really cool,I'll be putting all the pictures together,if you have the opportunity to be in New Zealand and you want a stay-cation or can check out the resort....

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The other interesting part is that even though the amount is not too expensive compared to other hotels i checked online,they have a large pool,many rooms and the most interesting part is the natural mineral water known as "healing water".

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That was actually a long time ago though,natives of the area considered the place the best for having a swim and bathing but now Taupo DeBretts consists of a full holiday resort with more than 40 seperate accommodations called "stand-alone" as well as tent, RV campsites,a playground for children,an air bounce pad, an outdoor pool facility with 2 large natural mineral pools, fresh water pools, spa pool and a hot water playground with one tipping bucket and three heated hydro-slides for the kids(must be a lot of fun for kids)

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12 private indoor pools provide bathing in private, set within the lush bush landscape. These private pools are all natural thermal mineral water at varying temperatures. There is even a full Day Spa with 5 treatment rooms that provides visitors and tourists with unique massage, body wraps, scrubs, facials and a range of beauty treatments.

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What more could i ask for?(lol), definitely going with my family in the future to a place like this as i grow and become more financially independent.

Thank you for reading,you know i always appreciate you.

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