it is good attitude that makes one rich not the money.




Positive Attitude, good mindset all form the basis of our lives. Infact what we have become today is as a result of our attitude, how we cope with the bad times, how we handle our loss and also mistakes, how we are able to bounce back from setbacks, ability to learn from our mistakes and how we are able to form bonds with other people.
Attitude towards life is very important, attitude towards your business, your investment. And this determines how long one can go in life.

Having a postive attitude is a virtue, it brings optimism, once you are optimistic, there will be no room for negatives thinking, no worries. Abraham lincoln is a typical example of never give up, lost his job, his business collapse, lost his wife, lost US senate election, lost speaker election, lost the vice president election but guess what he keeps coming back stronger again and again, believing in himself, never loss focus, his mindset was straight and apt, his attitude towards accepting loss is a good one and thats why he can always come back, and later won the US presidential election becoming the 16th president of the United states of America and his name will never be forgotten in US history.

It is good attitude that makes one rich and successful

As much as i hate to remember this, during dip of the coins i sold my coins for a ridiculous amount of money only to find out that the coins now worth upto millions.

At the same time, one can have the money but without good attitude, the money can squandered without no reasonable investments. The fear of i don't want to loose my money is why some people still on the same place

While i was reading about Bill gates, i read about his first company traf-O data how it failed and never made any profits, but gates never sold this company and later yielded a massive profits, so also warren buffet he bought sinclaire texaco gas station in 1951, and he made no profits he kept on pushing and in 1962 he became a millionaire.

Right attitude, alot of people will be selling their $hive under $1, when they can actually buy more, just like bitcoin, $hive is heading for $1000.


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