Are we the Cause of Our Problems? Climate change Our Concern


Many losses already suffered,more yet on the radar as it looks like it is happening chapter by chapter. Looks like we are the one turning the ignition on but may not know because of we lacking the knowledge or probably because of our carefree attitude.

Consequently,alot of damages already been done and much more yet to unfold as different dimensions of life affairs are suffering this outcome. These damages don't just come and go but rather they leave a mark worthy of note and hard to forget so easily because of the memories they leave behind, what an odd aspect of living.

Climate change has caused us alot as so many countries have faced alot since it's onset to this bad. If not heat wave then it's drought, if not drought then it's flooding ,if not flooding then it's one adverse weather condition or the other.

The anthem of believe and the hope for survival still under threat as alot lives to be interpreted regarding this bad pictures painted by weather of recent. Many countries have received their share to this and many more will still receive until the right attitude of carefulness and correction are been taken, if not then we should expect to see the worse.

The Manipulative nature Pertaining weather ;

Adverse Weather Conditions has been one of the most talked about of recent in news, experienced in lives and have left alot of marks. One awful thing to this is that ignorance and carefree attitude to an extent has been the pioneer to these conditions. Looked out for are Some daily activities we do but don't know they contribute immensely to the destruction of our lives when weather conditions is been brought into this subject matter.

Human activities like;

(a) Emission of greenhouse gases;
This might not be known to some people but affects our climate much more. Green house gases like Carbon dioxide,nitrous oxide,methane, chlorofluorocarbons and many more causes the change of our climate. These gases we are the sole inducer of them all and they after such affects our survival. Like they said that one can't hit a heave of bee and expect not to be beaten by it or one can't stand on the way of a thunder and expect not to be stroke by it. Such is the case still as we being the sole proprietor for these gases inadvertently turn against us havocs which later on affects our being and existence. These gases being emitted by the work out of our automobiles in that we can't restrict ourselves from making use of them and then they turn back to question our living and existence. Fossil fuels which includescoal,oil and gas has a 75percentage contribution to the adverse weather conditions in addition to 90percent of carbon dioxide emissions. If this is so and there is no controllable means then will it's aftermath be something we can dream of.

(b) Deforestation

Very much commo now as the quest to bring more development to the places less developed has triggered this. The need to establish a magnificent that wonders men,draw attention and much more. The constant demand of woods for constructive purposes has increased the constant cutting down of tress.Not that the cutting of trees is bad but to what extent are efforts employed towards replacing the ones already down.Constant deforestation affects climate change in the sense that according to science that we breath in oxygen so as to release carbondioxide. If trees are been cut down and they dries off,they releases the gas they store and which in-turn will have a role to play in causing climate change.

Look at the damages already done so far this year only because of adverse weather condition, more likely to come if humanly activities that cause so is not been corrected.