Turning My World Around For Good



In this journey of life,too many life challenges, too many uncertainties, too many misfortunes, too many failures in one area or the other, all these being s huddles on the way to stop someone,destroy someone or rather be a stepping stone to success. It all depends on how one take it to be as to how it affects.

Facing these challenges,huddles hasn't been an easy task as at some point,one will fail,stain the clothes(disfigure of physical appearance),feel alone both inside and out,feel discouraged owing to the fact its something one faces squarely and all alone. To these huddles and circumstances, man contributes to it,on the other hand its just natural and on the other sphere of reasoning its preventable.

To the one that comes naturally, for example death, its just there and no one is gonna runaway from it when it calls. Be an unfavourable and awful scene as to an extent,man wants to live forever but it all lies within the creator to decide. Also Growing old being one of the naturals that comes and its inevitable as it calls one on a daily base and man answers when it comes proving all medical and health teaches wrong to some aspect.

To the ones man contributes which include ignorance. One being ignorant on some important life dealings which are Paramount for existence, being ignorant on important things that calls for health,economic and financial dealings, all these and many more adding to the owe one is into.

To the one that is preventable which include some hazardous moment one enters into and many more but to all these huddles they make up life and living at large.

Taking a moment to reflect on the things we see,the things we don't see but imagine them. To an analogy from a baby born,at the moment has the first cry to indicate or give a sign of being alive,passes that stage and adds to breastfeeding,and very many stages before reaching to testing if the organ of sight is working well added to crawling,standing,walking and other developments and changes that follows. If the baby stops at one stage them he isn't on the good lane to change his world for good at to every stage need should be for an upgrade too as being stagnant offers more to ones world.