U.S military Email Server Left Vulnerable for 2weeks Giving Way for Internal Emails to Leak



Following the report given through the Fox news by a senior U.S defense official, it was highlighted that the U.S military email Server was left open for the past two weeks making it vulnerable to be hacked or spied on.

This was followed by a misconfiguration with the department of the defense server that was hosted on Microsoft Azure's which makes the server have an easy accessibility of which one with internet access that knows the IP address can freely navigate through and spy in.

Giving more details about the server, it contains of about three terabyte of the military emails which has relations to the special command unit in charge of special operations. In view of more to this, the mails in there dates back to years and also it contains sorts of personal informations too.

For example, one of the files left exposed contained a completed SF-86 questionnaire, which is a form filled out by government employees attempting to obtain a security clearance. The form asks for information such as the applicant's Social Security number, address, as well as personal information of people that the applicant knows well source

Though it has been gathered that the informations put on the safe box on mails are safe and that it wasn't hacked,adding more that help and rescue came through when the Pentagon unit were unit were reached on Monday afternoon.

Though the sorts of comfort here is that the informations are safe though we don't really know how true that is, if it's an oversight or something somewhat of such manner,carefulness should be the watchword as issues might spun up from such then probably the secretes be leaked.