Givers never lack



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As the topic itself states"Givers never lack"we need to break it down to our understanding and know how to make use of it in our daily lifestyle.

Those who are eager to collect and hold on to things are the ones who have little but those who scatters what they have by giving it to the poor and needy are those who have sufficient.

Givers don't lack anything rather they gain more from giving out to people and sharing the little they have to put a smile on other's face.

Let me share with you a story of how givers wouldn't lack.

There was a man who taught his children good doctrine always,he was working with a certain company which were paying well for him and he enjoyed working with them,the company usually give gifts to their workers every end of month to make their workers happy,the last day of the month of November came and as usual the company gave rice and other stuff to their workers,there was a certain gift which they give to those in higher ranks {umbrella}, unfortunately for him he wasn't part of those who are at the top but his boss who peradventure collected two from the gift gave one to the man and the man was happy like he was on top of the world.

He later went out with his car and the umbrella in the boot,as he was heading through the streets he came across an old man so he decided to help the man by giving him shelter,but the old man just asked for an umbrella to use since it was cold,he was in thought of not letting go of what he got but later concluded on giving it to the man.

The next day at work he was shocked since the umbrella were given out for free to the workers,he was so happy he gave out.

If i was to put that in a scale of preference,the man gave out 1 umbrella and got what he didn't expect to be free.

It's not until we get to higher positions before we can give to others,we just need to give out to people,it wouldn't be new to you that the poor give our valuable thing's to people who are in need.

Whenever we want to give people things,we should try to give out open mindedly and don't have any grudges while giving our items out.

Many people don't need gifts nor material things from us,they just want our care and love this Christmas,we just need to show that to them and put some smiles on thier faces.

Let's have the spirit of giving to our loved ones and outsiders it brings reward.

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