Market friday (buying foodstuffs for the weekend)


This weekend is a wonderful weekend for me,I went to the market to get some foodstuffs for myself to cook and be merry,it was a wonderful experience for me.

While buying some meats in the market,me and the seller had a chat while i was pricing the foodstuffs it goes thus.

Me:how much are you selling your meat.

Seller:Am selling these meats for $5

Me: won't you reduce the price for me, I'll pay $3.

Seller:started thinking if the price is ok for him.

Seller: it's ok bring your money.

That's how i bought some meats from the market and it was fun all through I bought some ice-cream but couldn't take pictures cause the market was crowdy since it was Saturday.


That's what i bought today been on weekend @dswigle I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to drop your comments,have a wonderful day.


Great market skill man, you got the price down and the seller made a nice deal, win win, enjoy your day and stay !ALIVE


Sounds like you did really well in the market! Can you barter for me? :)

Thank you for being a part of #MarketFriday! I cannot tell you how pleased I am to see so many participating every week. I have learned so much about the different cultures of the world, especially the small things that go unnoticed except by those looking for it. Life is interesting, wherever you are, whatever you are doing. I hope the New Year finds you healthy and happy, as we all look to prosper in our way of life.

#MarketFriday began as a way to reach out across the globe and learn about different cultures through their markets, especially local markets and farmers markets and eventually branching out and evolving over time from straight shopping to a cultural affair as it highlights how we differ and then again, how much we are alike. We have become a melting pot of culture, but, it is still the Rituals, Festivals, food, architecture, even your language/languages that separate us... Along with the fact of what is these things are normal for us. There are unwritten rules that rule our social behaviors. I see this as allowing for increased tolerance between cultures and nations, and opportunities to come together on an even playing ground. A strong culture can be beneficial to a country as it promotes unity, especially during a crisis, peaceful debate, and open dialogue. I have learned so much about all of you and it has been an amazing experience. I can only hope that learning about each other can help us work together for a peaceful world.

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