Saber the slayer punk


The Decision
Saber waited outside, watching the city from the balcony of the floor. For a moment there, he had crafted into thoughts of how things could have been different if he had not given his mom any trouble that morning. Before he could wander far into his daydream, he was called in
Saber, the council have decided. You are to find and bring back subject nineteen, one way or the other within three days. Take whatever you need, the entire force is at your disposal, said the kazu. I will go alone, Saber replied.

The Man
Saber had grown over the years to become one of the most powerful men in the Diamos implementation force. He is known for been notoriously good at carrying out logically impossible missions and do it ever so cleanly, not that the Diamos elders council ever approved of the clean part as that didn't was not their way, but his effectiveness had them silent about it. It is said that he was one with the backing of a thousand spirits and for every kill he made, he got more powerful. Even within the ranks, they believed he must have been feeding on blood as he never ate with the men in the mess hall.

The Transformation
Eighteen years ago, saber was a very happy ten-year old who had it all, until the Diamos during the beginning of their reign would come to their house, looking for recruit. Before they got there, saber's mum had been pleading with him to leave, but he was being reluctant and stubborn. They would come that morning and try to drag him away. When his mother tried to shove them off him, they shot her. Afterwards, they made it clear to Saber , if he didn't go with them, he was going to watch his whole family die.
After that incident, Saber become a quiet and isolated fellow, whom wouldn't bear to see a woman been assaulted or even offended without sending that person to their grave. Ten years after, Saber would finally get vengeance for his mum, cutting the throat of the guy who shot his her in the council hall.

The Task
Having been assigned the task, Saber went off to track the pack of wolves and by the second day he was hot on their trail, but he didn't like what the trail was telling him. He hastened up as best as he could.
By the time he had his sight on them, they were almost at the border. He rode in a frenzied haste, sword jerking on his back. But just as he was about to round the corners of the stone formation, a band of marauding Thenios came on him. By the time he finished them off and had their blood
dripping from his sword, Hermann, subject nineteen (Hermann's mum) and his pack of wolves had crossed into vybranium. In anger, he stabbed his sword into the ground and the bodies of the marauders disappeared. Maybe the rumours are true afterall.

The Dilemma
Saber never really wanted to go after subject nineteen because he knew if he returned her, they were going to cut her into a thousand little pieces and put her in little bottles for their future experimentation, but he couldn't disobey the council. But the fact that Hermann had entered Vybranium changed everything completely. He remover his black cape and spent the next few hours atop the stone formation daydreaming of his freedom, letting his conscience win and deserting the Diamos, burying that sword that had taken so many lives deep within the belly of the forest, but then....
If he were to enter into Vybranium to extract subject nineteen, he would have set a precedence that will encourage the Diamos to spread the destruction, brainwashing and tyranny they bring into this lovely peaceful community.
What will Saber the Slayer Punk do? Would he finally let his conscience win and desert the Diamos? Will he attack Vybranium? Would he let what happened to his mum repeat itself or would he take the risk of losing what is left of his family? Does he have a chance at a normal live? Will the spirits come to his aid?
Time is ticking for Saber the Slayer Punk.....

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Very nice @victorbch, Saber the Slayer Punk sounds like he's going through a crisis of conscience, I love the way you mix it up at the end and ask the questions.

  1. Will he desert the Diamos?
  2. Will he attack #Vybrainium?
  3. Would he let what happened to his Mum repeat itself? or......

Lets see shall we?
It sound like he can go one of two ways, fight the Diamos and help protect Vybrainium or attack and face the might of Vyberman either way Saber has an uphill battle ahead, lets see how things pan out......