What if??

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This question above wanders around my mind so i just need to pour it out,they are questions which comes to my little mind.

1.What if you had a money tree growing in my backyard??
Well I would say i wouldn't be poor like this hehehe,if i had such opportunity to have a money tree,i would be able to finish all my wants and desires that are troubling my mind.

2.What if you could live and explore anywhere in the world??
As for me,if i was go choose where else to live in this world, I'll go for Paris, it's such a beautiful place to be and enjoy yourself during this season of festival and staying there would mean alot to me, I'll be visiting the resort centers and museum to check out their artworks,i only see those artworks in TV's but seeing them in real life and touching them would be great.

3.What if you serve as an example to people in the world? What would it be?
In this aspect of serving as an example to others, I'll like to teach me how to help each other in doing things and be peaceful with their fellow human.

4.What if you could find a cure for a disease in the world? Which one would you want to cure?
If I had the opportunity to cure a disease, I'll cure the Covid 19 so everyone can live their normal way of life as it used to be back then before Covid took place,many businesses have been affected so if I could cure it people would be happy once again.

5.What if you were given the position of the president of your country for a day,what would you do??
Well as for me, I'll squander all the money hehehe just kidding, I'll be good and behave like a king for that day eating so many things that comes to my mind and even to my family,it wouldn't be that interesting since it's just for a day but I'll eat alot of food.

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