First Phase of Festival World Tour Gave Me 236% ROI for Very Little Work in @risingstargame


One great thing about free markets is that you can bet with your money and get rewarded (o punished)accordingly. This is not to say that markets always value things fairly. Even the marketcap of HIVE can be shows as a great example of how markets can severely undervalue assets.

When Festival World Tour began, I was sure it was going to be a good investment (not one of my huge cryptocurrency positions by any means). I had those VIP Passes, but not enough of them as I expect them to work more like 1st Birthday Cake.

Among The 88 of FTB1 Dougie Owners


This NFT could have been yours if you had paid 12 STARPRO at the right moments. The NFTs that were needed to get FTB1 Dougie were each available for minting for 1 week.

If you look at LeoDEX, you will see these kind of prices for STARPRO. Generally you could have acquired 12 STARPRO for about 36 HIVE if you were not in a hurry. I would like consider this like a minting cost for this Festival World Tour NFT.


Market Valuation

There are only 5 Cards listed for sale in open markets. Even in worst case scenario, the numbers look good, especially if you are coming from the side of more traditional investments.

Market Value.png

There is Real Use in Gameplay

FTB1 Dougie is not some mere cosmetic upgrade either. The Card improve the stats in the game. It contributes to gameplay while looking better and more artistic than most NFTs that are being sold these days. HIVE NFTs are in a very good shape compared to some of the things you see on Ethereum etc. where it is filled with those who are simply looking forward to make some quick money.

236% ROI With

All I had to do was engage in some gameplay that took a little bit of time + 3 HIVE every week. That is why I'm already working on the next Card in @risingstargame

FT13 France.png

Happy Investing!

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