I'm One of The First People To Get The 1st Festival World Tour Limited Edition NFT from @risingstargame

It has been a long 12 weeks and The Northern Europe part of Festival World Tour has come to its final phase. This is currently the 12th NFT being minted and I have minted mine few hours ago. You can now start blending your wristbands to get your FTB1 Dougie.

The Feature Has Been Waiting For Some Time


You get a very simple UI where you can select the Cards you wan to combine (Blend) to create FTB1 Dougie). I have only one of each acquired specifically for this purpose over the course of 12 weeks.

Blend UI.png



Signing Transaction Via Keychain


NFT Burn

Burning NFT.png

Waiting For Issuance

I have to wait till FTB1 Dougie is sent by @risingstargame developers. There are probably few others waiting for their FTB1 Dougie as well. I see that all Wristbands except FT12 Iceland has supply above 200. We can expect a similar level of supply for FTB1 Dougie as well. After a long while, I will be adding some extra stats to my game.

None Issued.png

You can start playing the game at https://www.risingstargame.com There is less gameplay compared to something like @splinterlands and you can keep investing with very little time commitment. The typical risks associated with cryptocurrency investments are all here. What you won't find is the transaction fees!

Happy Investing!

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