Chaos Legion Gold Foil Legendary Card After a Long Time + Other Wonderful Updates - Splinter Stats Ranked Rewards Season 31 Report Card


I had one of the best Seasons in a long time. I thought I might even manage to reach Diamond II League. That was not a success. On the other hand, I had a very good time with the Cards. The Airdrop was worth $248.80 at the time of release. The prices are volatile at the launch and eventually find a more stable price later.

Match Report


Diamond Rank626
Rating2953 - Diamond III
Rating High3057
Ratio (Win/Loss)0.87 (174/201)
Longest Streak12

Ranked Ratio is not great, but where I ended up feels like a real improvement after many Seasons where I did not reach beyond Gold I. I should have spent more time with the game before the last moments. I had some Energy left when the Battles stopped 5 minutes before the countdown stopped.

Rewards Report

Standard Foil Cards
Total Standard167
Gold Foil Cards
Total Gold7

Loot Chests

Reward ChestsDailiesSeasonTotal💲Token
Legendary Potions13378211🟡 8440
Alchemy Potions113141254🟡 12700
DEC00-🟣 0
SPS225.666145.017-⭐ 370.683
Merits18182033-🎀 3851
CHAOS Packs336🟡 24000
Cards (Total)11163174-

Captured DEC/SPS (Ranked Rewards)

Ranked Play WinsDEC Earned
174🟣 0 + ⭐187.303

Total Ranked Play Rewards

Total Ranked Play Earnings
🟣 0 DEC
🟡 45140 CREDITS
⭐ 557.986 SPS

I have discovered a new tool thanks to @jfang003 which is called SplinterShare. I will save my words and let the pictures speak for themselves. SplinterShare is the best tool I have found to share the Reward details with public. @deadzy accepts donations and you will gain some extra features for doing so. You will can the full list of features here.

Opening 3 Chaos Legion Packs

Most of the value came from opening these Booster Packs. This is why these Pack openings should not be always treated as better than buying specific Cards out of the market. Sometimes luck can be in your favor and magic can happen :-)

🟣 Rental Report

Expenses (inc. fees)(-259.098)
Cancellation Refunds0.000

Rentals are one of the best features of @splinterlands Cards. Most NFT products don't have much of a utility. All you can do is "own" them. Even the ones that are useful (like the blockchain game assets) don't provide avenues for passive income. HIVE's flagship game makes NFT assets into a vehicle to generate passive income.

⭐ SPS Report

Type⭐ Amount
Staking Rewards570.579
Ranked Rewards as above557.986
Brawl Rewards191.336
Tower Defense143.152
Liquidity Rewards17.090
License Stake Rewards315.178
NET SPS1795.321
+ Voucher Drops110.288 🎟️

I had some VOUCHERs collected. I was waiting for a good time to sell. While the price of HIVE was starting to look better, I thought of selling them. Even if VOUCHERs go up in value, HIVE has a chance keeping up or even outperforming VOUCHERs. I was not going to have much of an opportunity cost by switching to HIVE.

I have written enough about Land and I have no interest going through the same points. The developers underestimated the amount of work needed for Land 1.5 and I don't worry about it anymore. Real work is happening behind the scenes. All we had was a mess up on the timeline. We will have a great product before Christmas. Keep an eye on the Town Hall summaries and expect to see delays when it comes to delivery dates. Launching closer to a bull market may even have many positives to it.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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Wow, nice rewards with that GFL summoner in your chaos legion pack. I am glad that you find the new tool useful.


I play in the Gold League. Without an identical Gold Foil Summoner, I have to Rent or use him on Land.



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Thanks for the mention, it makes my day! And nice LGF :O