What Your Tips to Get More Fans in @risingstargame?

I managed to reach a new milestone 2 week ago by unlocking Country Tour Mission. I had to sell a considerable portion of my liquid STARBITS in order to buy Can of Petrol Cards that were needed for the Mission. Due to that I am currently unable to even participate in STARBITS Millionaire Mission. I don't make an issue out of it because I don't have enough Fans for to complete the Mission. Even finding some Drunk Fans has become a rare event for me.

What Are Your Best Tips To Get Fans?

I have a good collection of Instruments that allow me to gain a lot of Skill at a short time frame. What I lack the most is XP and Fans. I'm more pressed for XP than Fans to be honest. I want to try out that Manager Interview. Even Drunk Fans are good to have. I have noticed that I don't get many Drunk Fans. I don't know what the algorithm takes into consideration.

  • Does Mission duration matter?
  • Do the Cards I own make a difference.?
  • Does the Level, Skill or XP make a difference?
  • Are there any Missions that are more likely to result in Drunk Fans?

These are some of the questions I have. I would be happy to receive your answers if you know anything about the deeper workings of the game.

Growing My STARBITS in HIVE-Engine

There are more unstaking left to be completed. I have earned 77,389 STARBITS from Record Staking since the release of the feature. There is nothing I could find on the UI that tell me how much STARITS I have staked. I know that there is are several hundred thousand Tokens staked.

It will be a few months to reach 1 Million STARBITS again. I don't want to unstake from Record Staking when I can earn a significant amount of STARBITS from NFTs that are about to be sold out. There are 537,169 STARBITS at the moment of writing:

New player can start here and old players can share your valuable insights in the comments. Links to long form articles describing your strategies are definitely welcome 😄

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Regarding your STARBITS staking, it’s a good strategy to maximize your earnings from Record Staking while keeping an eye on NFT sales. Consider the potential returns from both and make informed decisions about unstaking when the time is right for you.

It’s clear that you’re actively working to grow your STARBITS and improve your gameplay. Remember that Rising Star can be both a fun game and a rewarding experience within the Hive ecosystem. Keep experimenting, learning, and connecting with other players to enhance your gaming journey. Good luck! 😄🎶🎸


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