Rising star game my progress in the game + open pack I think I'm lucky :)


It's been 11 days since my first post, and I'm still playing a game

I thought that in 7 days after that post I would be at level 20 but I'm not

I'm at level 19 and there are a few reasons:

1° I didn't want to open more packs and not open any

(my old packs)

2°Romeo is a great card, however it has little skill so during the week i took several music lessons, since now i have the ego bar

3°for me to do Midweek Headline Slot I need 125 fans but I only have 124, so I have to do Open Mic Night or Illegal Busking before to win fans, but they don’t always give me fans it hinders my progress

I could solve this by buying just one card, but I don't want to buy individual cards just packs. so I was busy taking classes.
gaining more fans could be bad. plus I still earn 1000 startbits per day

So everything is balanced I have 0 ego most of the time and I still earn 1000 starbits per day

I won't be able to do the romeo mission in time, but now I've learned how the ego system works and how important classes are

So I think it's time to open more packs and get more fans for future special missions, in the new missions I won't have to worry about reaching level 20 just keep my focus on keeping the ego balanced

Are we going to open a pack with me?
R36 Jaspa,6,i27 Cheap Keyboard V2

(Game interface a little confusing for me so video got long, sorry)

my god this is crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Do I think this letter is good? I do not know what difference between a normal card and a gold someone explains to me?

look at this now maybe i'll be able to do the romeo mission, but ....... look at the ego that i won ..... i'll have to take more classes

in this game everything is about your ego .......
so I didn't want to buy packs before

I don't know if winning the Romeo and R36 Jasper at low level is good? I will see what I can, and try to lower the ego to zero, and not buy more packs

my current status:

Play game here:

Soon I bring what the new cards brought me up to bye :)

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My wife plays Rising Star a bit, but I don't recall ever getting a yellow scooter. The Jaspa looks a lot like a Vespa, but I do realize China is able to produce things much cheaper than the western countries these days.

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Yes jaspa was inspired by the vespa.

here in Brazil recently the vespa were sold again

but with a very high price: / R$ 17.982.00 BRL