Gods Unchained "rest of" 2023 Roadmap revealed!


Hi HODLers and Gamers!

GodsUnchained announced its roadmap for the reminder of 2023 and it is exciting!

  • New Pack Opening Experience: To make the experience better and unforgettable
  • New Content Creator Program

Creators will get access not only to rewards, but exciting collaborations, exclusive opportunities, and recognition for the exceptional content you create.

  • $GODS Staking Dashboard
    Finally! So hard to see how much $GODS staking rewards you are getting at the moment.

  • Mobile Soft Launch
    THE BIG EVENT that I am looking for! They signed with iLogos and I hecked them out. They have adapted a ton of games to mobile with some big success. Can't wait to be able to play Gods Unchained on my phone!

If you want to learn more, tune in on Discord for their “Ask Me Anything” session on 25th May at 10 am AET in Discord.

Is anyone still playing Gods Unchained these days?

Stay safe out there!


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