First Band Member Slot Unlocking and Purchasing New NFT Pack

Good morning 😊
Have a nice day all RisingStar Lovers🎶

My Game Level is 76 and completed Missions are 1780 in RisingStar.

I could unlock my first Band Member Slot.
I built my Band Member Slot by using R198 Dominic featured Fans 150, Skill 150, Luck 4 and IM 4 as Band Member and R223 Mint Kit featured Luck 50 as Instrument.

You can watch my Band Member Slot track below link.

This morning, I withdrew 22000 Starbits from Game.

And, I purchased a NFT Pack again.
These cards are
One Rare Card R227 MC Cazz Rapper,
One Common Card 97 Leyla and
One Common Card t2 Mid Range Tour Bus.

Now, I have 188 NFT cards of Risingstar.
In this cards, there have 8895 Fans, 2212 Luck, 14504 Skill and 183 IM.

The Ego is 0%.

What are you doing my friends?

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Thank you, RisingStar Game Developers and Supporters 💗



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