Daily Giveaway 10 CTP and Tips for the first 10 comments - Day 47

Hello everyone, welcome to my CTP Giveaway which will be held daily and the winner will receive 10 CTP tokens.

To participate you will just need to leave a comment saying which account you want me to send the prizes if you win, an example would be @wazock which is my account.
After leaving the comment you will already be participating in the giveaway. I will leave more instructions like until what time the comments will be accepted and how the giveaway will be held below.

Rules to Participate

  • Post a comment saying which account you want to receive the prizes if you win the giveaway.
  • Comments will be accepted until this post is 23 hours old.
  • Upvotes and following are not required to participate, but your support is appreciated.
  • The site used to select the winning comment will be the Hive Random Picker.
  • After the site selects all comments I will manually check if they are all included and I will remove comments that were made after 23 hours

Pretty simple, don't you agree? but hope it still has a bonus for the first 10 comments.


  • The first 10 comments will be tipped !CTP (0.30 CTP) and !PIZZA (0.10 PIZZA).
  • I hope you all enjoy the giveaways and feel free to use your earned CTPs however you like.

Good Luck to All!!

Giveaway Day 46 Winner is @smartalectees

Prize: 10 CTP

Frequent Participants: @tengolotodo @josevall901 @keechadkikali @jfang003 @yeckingo1 @davidxxl @osomar357 @amaillo @middle-earthling @ifarmgirl-leo @steemstreems @coquicoin @dubble @eyewaa @criptosectadepit @rtonline @alex2alex @chapelle @ham222mer @smartalectees @crazyphantombr @hoosie @bigtakosensei @ekads @akiraymd



PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
wazock tipped akiraymd (x1)
@wazock(10/10) tipped @chapelle (x1)
crazyphantombr tipped wazock (x1)
wazock tipped rtonline (x1)
wazock tipped captainquack22 (x1)
captainquack22 tipped middle-earthling (x1)
wazock tipped middle-earthling (x1)
wazock tipped dubble (x1)
wazock tipped dubble (x1)
wazock tipped yeckingo1 (x1)
konkester tipped wazock (x1)
wazock tipped jfang003 (x1)
wazock tipped @jfang003 (x1)
wazock tipped ifarmgirl-leo (x1)
wazock tipped osomar357 (x1)

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I want to participate @yeckingo1
Thank you very much for the giveaway and good luck to all the participants


Hello Hello Waz
I would like to be counted in for today's giveaway @tengolotodo
Congrats to the previous winner👏
Good luck people and let's have a rocking Sunday 😁


@konkester you !PIMP, the HiQ Smart Bot has recognized your request and will start the trail now. !PIZZA

Delegate HP to @hiq.hive, BEE to @hiq.bee,
PHOTO to @hiq.photo, FUN to @hiq.fun,
ONEUP to @hiq.oneup or PIMP to @hiq.pimp
to support the HiQ Smart Bot and its trails,
and grab "massive" rewards!

If you have at least 10 HIQS staked
and your daily limit is not exceeded,
then juicy votes will follow!

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& vote our fucking Witness!

This is a semi automatically created manual curation. !LOL
Currently this sexy Smart Bot is in the testing phase though.
For further questions, feel free to contact @hiq.redaktion via comment or Discord.