Diary of a Rock Star #26


Hello Hive community and Rising Star players, Welcome to my game diary where I will tell you my daily progress in the game.

But what is Rising Star?

Rising Star is a Blockchain Hive game that is focused on music, in which you are able to create your band, tour and of course also earn money in real life.

In the game you start with a single character and doing small missions like a street artist without a license running from the police, slowly you go up in life (Level and Fans) and start doing bigger shows but this time with license, that is, you goes to stardom.

Each mission gives you a certain amount of Starbits (one of the game's crypto) and that amount is based on the number of your fans, so the more fans you have, the more you will earn. The mission also takes a certain amount of time to complete and when you select one to do it, you will only be able to select another one after it is finished. Finally the missions have requirements and they are your level, a certain amount of fans and also a number of times you performed the previous mission. Some also have other requirements but I won't mention them in this post.

In addition to Starbits, the missions will also give you Xp to level up and the only way to get Xp is through them. The fans which is one of the requirements you can get through the cards you get by buying packs or buying them directly in the marketplace. Doing the quests also gives you a chance to get drunk fans which are temporary so you shouldn't rely on them to unlock new quests because it will depend on your luck.

Rising Star takes place in Buskeria and has 4 zones (Home Town, Local Gig Circuit, County Tour and Country Tour).

I am currently level 44 and have unlocked the Home Town and Local Gig Circuit zones.

This is just a basic summary of the game, it is much more complex than that and gives you a lot more opportunities to have fun and earn money (the focus is on having fun but combining fun with making money makes the game even better).

Game progress on 06/21/2022

Illegal Busking9170740
Open Mic Night8157332
Mid Week Support Slot4140812
Radio Interview9132827
Shopping Mall313285
Saturday Headline2241119
Record A Demo111356

My current goals

  • Reach level 50 to unlock the STARBITS Millionaire mission (88%)

  • Get 1,000,000 Starbits to complete the STARBITS Millionaire mission

  • Reach level 55 to unlock Local Mini Tour Support mission to have a longer mission when I am idle in the game. (80%)

  • Reach level 80/85 to unlock Band Rehearsal and Full Band Support missions to have more short missions and thus increase my Starbits earnings. (55% / 51.76%)

  • Reach 50,000 fans. (40.46%)

My current strategy

As I just started Rising Star and bought enough cards to have a lot of fans, my goal of having 50,000 fans is not my priority right now so I'm saving my earned Starbits to get as close as possible to 1,000,000 Starbits when I get to the level 50 so I am directing my earned Starbits to Liquidity Pools and Record Staking.

This is my current strategy for the game, I'm having a lot of fun playing Rising Star and the incredible opportunities it gives you to make gains and also have fun makes me very happy to have started playing it. If you still don't know the game and want to start playing you can access the site using my referral link below (optional).

Acess: Rising Star

See you Rock Stars in my next Diary.


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