Rising Star Giveaway- Be a Fans Finder of the Day and Win 555 Starbits Daily



A random card pack opener is selected from Card Pack Stream of Rising Star Game Discord server.You can Join Rising Star Game Discord server for support and to meet other players. Here is the link of Rising Star Game Discord Server.

Rising Star Game Discord Server Link

Anyone who finds how many fans the card opener has found ,he/she will be the Fans Finder of the Day and will be entitled 555 Starbits.


engi got R122 Jeeves, 52 Trisha, 56 Sasha
engi got R123 Carlito, 57 Richard, 58 Millie
engi got R117 Space Delay, 58 Millie, i53 Take RS
engi got R126 Sarge, i53 Take RS, t6 Cheap Car
engi got R122 Jeeves, t6 Cheap Car, 55 Molly
engi got R123 Carlito, i54 Pink Guitar, i43 Mid Range Sax
engi got R123 Carlito, i50 Star 30, 13 Buster
engi got R119 Janine, 57 Richard, i49 Djembe
engi got R127 Zapf, i50 Star 30, 53 Colin
engi got R119 Janine, i41 Cheap Mic V3, 53 Colin
engi got R125 Rentaw, i45 5 String Bass, i54 Pink Guitar
engi got R119 Janine, i52 Tanpura, 59 Wez

Everyone should determine number of Fans itself, may be you copy wrong answer. In case of more than one correct submissions Fans Finder will be selected randomly with the help of https://wheelofnames.com/.
Wish you Good Luck.


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